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For Accurate Learning; Changing Or Erasing The Function Of A Taught Label Or Button - Sony RM-VL1000T Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated remote commander
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For accurate learning

•Do not move the remote units
during the learning procedure.
•Be sure to keep holding down
the button of the other remote
control until you hear the
confirmation beep.
•Use fresh batteries in both
remote control units.
•Avoid learning in places under
direct sunlight or strong
fluorescent light.
•The remote control detector area
may differ depending on each
remote unit. If learning does not
work, try changing the positions
of the two remote control units.
•When you teach signals of an
interactive signal exchange
system remote control unit
(supplied with some of Sony's
receivers and amplifiers) to the
Commander, the response signal
of the main unit may interfere
with the learning of the
Commander. In such a case,
move to a place where the
signals will not reach the main
unit (e.g. other rooms, etc.).
Be sure to place the
Commander out of the reach of
small children or pets.
Also set the Hold function to
lock all the buttons on the
Commander (page 62) when it
is not used. Components such
as air conditioners, heaters,
electric appliances, and electric
shutters or curtains receiving an
infrared signal can be
dangerous if misused.
Changing or erasing the
function of a taught label
or button
To change the learned function,
clear it first and perform learning
To clear the learned function of
a label or button
After Step 4 (page 24), while
pressing the button or the Label
Select button corresponding to the
label that you want to erase, press
the SCROLL button.
"CLEAR OK" appears and the
learned function is cleared with a
beep sound.
The cleared label flashes together
with other learnable labels.
If the character contents of the
label have been changed
To clear the character contents of that
label, perform the same procedure
above again. The input contents are
cleared and the label display returns to
the original setting.



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