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Notes On Learning The Signals Of An Air-Conditioner - Sony RM-VL1000T Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated remote commander
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Using Non-Preset Remote
Control Operations
— Learning Function (continued)
If you make a mistake, move
the cursor to the digit or
character you want to correct
by pressing the
and input again.
Decide the digit or the
character you input by
pressing the Joystick
toward .
The cursor moves to the right.
When the Joystick is pressed
toward , the cursor moves to
the left. You can input a digit or
character to the place where
the cursor flashes.
Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until
you input a suitable name
to the label.
When the cursor reaches to the
right end, if the Joystick is
pressed toward , the cursor
returns back to the left end.
Press the SET button.
The commander enters the
learning standby mode.
Notes on learning the
signals of an air-
About seasonal adjustments
If you change the settings of the
air-conditioner for the season, you
have to programme the remote
control signals of the new settings
on the Commander.
If the power-on/off operation
does not work correctly
The air-conditioner may not be
turned on or off properly with the
button or key of this Commander,
for which you have programmed
its power-on/off signal.
If the Commander can operate
only "ON" with one button or
label and "OFF" with another,
while your air-conditioner's
remote control can operate "ON/
OFF" with a single button or label,
programme the signal on two
buttons or labels of the
Commander as follows.
1 Clear the learned power-on/off
signal from the button or label
(page 29).
2 Programme the signal
(transmitted from the power-
on/off button of the air-
conditioner's remote control)
for the button or label again.
3 Programme the signal from the
same button of the remote
control for another button or
The two buttons or labels of the
Commander have been
programmed with the power-on
signal and the power-off signal of
the air-conditioner, respectively so
that you can operate the air-
conditioner with the Commander.



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