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Sony RM-VL1000T Operating Instructions Manual page 37

Integrated remote commander
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• If you interrupt the procedure at any
point for over two minutes, the setup
procedure will be cancelled. In this
case, set the entire programme from
the beginning.
• If you change the component code
number (page 13) or programme a
new signal by learning (page 23) on a
label that has been programmed in
the series of commands of the System
Control function, the new signal is
transmitted when you press the Label
Select button corresponding to the
system number label.
• While programming a series of
operating commands, you cannot
clear any operation step you have
programmed. If you have
programmed an incorrect operation
by mistake, start again from Step 1.
• If you try to programme more than 32
steps, the System Control setting
finishes, and the 32 steps you have
programmed are registered. If you
want to programme again, clear the
programme (page 39) and start again
from Step 1.
• The SCROLL button is not counted as
a step.
• When programming a power-on
command for the System Control
function, if you select the component
label for which you programmed the
Power-On setting (page 44), the
Power-On setting is also available. So,
the power of the selected component
turns off if the POWER key of the
component is programmed.
In this case, clear the Power-on
setting, or do not programme the
POWER key of the component.
About the interval between
operation steps
• You can change the interval between
operation steps (page 42).
• If you cannot receive signals
successfully during consecutive
operation steps, programme an
interval of 250 ms between steps by
pressing the TIMER button between
operation steps in Step 8 on page 36.
This operation of programming an
interval is counted also as a step.
About the order of operation
Some of the components may not
accept consecutive remote control
signals. For example, a TV generally
does not react to next signal right after
the Power-on signal. So, a series of
commands such as TV Power-on and
input select may not work properly. In
this case, insert other signals like the
example below;
TV Power-on t VCR Power-on
t VCR play back t TV input select
To change the name of a System
Macro label on the display
You can change the display of the
labels on the display to the most
suitable name using up to 8
characters or digits.
1 In Step 5 (page 35), select the
System Macro label of which
name you want to change (for
example, SYSTEM4) by keeping
the Label Select button pressed
for more than 2 seconds.
The Commander enters the
Label Input mode.
2 Input the name of the label.
Follow Steps 3 - 5, on pages 27-
3 Press the SET button.
The commander goes to Step 6
on page 36.



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