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Technical Data - Bosch Rexroth H-4WEH...XE Series Operating Instructions Manual

4/2 and 4/3 directional valves, internally pilot-operated, externally pilot-operated
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Fault table
The valve is not sensitive to faults as long as the specified application conditions are
complied with, in particular the oil quality and the operating temperature.
Table 19: Fault table
Valve does not
External leakage
Following faults due to contamination, it is - in addition to the repair - essential
to check the oil quality and improve it, if necessary, by suitable measures such as
flushing or the additional installation of filters.

15 Technical data

For the technical data of your valve please refer to "Data sheet 24751-XE".
Possible cause(s)
Electrical connection
interrupted, no current
• Cable break
• Electrical defect in valve
• No pressure at P
• Control spool is jammed due
to contamination
Required minimum pilot pres-
sure is not achieved
Pilot pressure is too high
(> 250 bar)
Seal defective
• Seal at the connection
surface is defective
• Other leakage
RE 24751-XE-B/04.16, H-4WEH...XE..., Bosch Rexroth AG
Technical data
Replace the connection cable
Remove valve and have it repaired
Check and/or reapply pressure at port P
If possible, try to release the control
spool by manually actuating the manual
override. See chapter 9.2 "Operating
the manual override (only relevant for
type H-4WEH./.NXE)".
If this fails: Remove valve and replace it
with a new one.
Check whether the pressure at port X with
external pilot oil supply or at port P with
internal pilot oil supply achieves the value
for the minimum pilot pressure specified
in the "Data sheet 24751-XE, technical
data, hydraulic". Restoring the minimum
pilot pressure.
Reduce the pilot pressure or use a valve
with already installed pressure reducing
Remove the valve and replace the seals
Remove valve and replace it with
a new one



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