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Bosch Rexroth H-4WEH...XE Series Operating Instructions Manual page 40

4/2 and 4/3 directional valves, internally pilot-operated, externally pilot-operated
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Maintenance and repair
Bosch Rexroth AG, H-4WEH...XE..., RE 24751-XE-B/04.16
The check is to be carried out as well if the valve is only stored but not used!
For order details of seal kits, refer to chapter 10.6 "Spare parts".
In order to ensure a long life cycle and functionality, include the following activities
in your maintenance schedule for the overall system:
De-energize the connection line.
Remove coarse dirt from the exterior.
CAUTIOn! Damage to property and personal injury caused by electrostatic charging!
In order to prevent electrostatic charging, only clean the coil and the mating
connector using a damp cloth.
Check all external fittings for completeness and tight seat.
Check cable and line entries, plug screw, external earthing connection and
connection line for tight seat.
Check the valve for external leakage and replace the sealing devices, if required,
see chapter 10.5 "Rectifying external leakages".
Open the terminal box and replace any damaged sealing devices, if required.
Check the inside of the terminal box for corrosion. Corrosion is an indication of
leakage. Remove the valve and have it repaired if there is any visible corrosion.
Check the potting compound of the valve solenoid and internal lines and litz
wires of the valve solenoid for visible damage. In case of visible damage, remove
the valve and have it repaired.
Check all screws and connections for tight seat.
Check all connection lines for damage. If there is visible damage, replace the
connection lines.
Replace all the associated sealing elements with new ones each time the cable or
line entry is released. The sealing elements are only intended for single use.
Assemble the cover of the terminal box with the seal beneath it. Tighten the
mounting screws with the spring washers diagonally, one after the other.
Tightening torque of the cover screws: 1...1.1 Nm



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