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Assembly; Unpacking; Changes To The Surface Protection Of The Valve; Installation Conditions - Bosch Rexroth H-4WEH...XE Series Operating Instructions Manual

4/2 and 4/3 directional valves, internally pilot-operated, externally pilot-operated
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Bosch Rexroth AG, H-4WEH...XE..., RE 24751-XE-B/04.16
7 Assembly
High pressure!
Risk of injury due to parts shooting out during works at hydraulic accumulators
which have not been unloaded.
Carry out any work at the valve only after the system has been depressurized.
Unload accumulators which may have been mounted at the system.
Check the system with test pressure according to ISO 4413.
Assembly and commissioning may only be carried out by specialists.

7.1 Unpacking

Falling parts!
Risk of injury! If the packaging is opened improperly, parts may fall out and cause
injuries or damage to the parts.
Put the packaging on level, bearing ground.
Only open the packaging from the top.
Dispose of the packaging in accordance with the national regulations of your

7.2 Changes to the surface protection of the valve

Explosion hazard caused by changes at the valve!
Any change at the surface protection of the valve solenoid will lead to loss of the
explosion protection!
The valve solenoid must not be painted or otherwise coated with non-conductive
Additional painting of the valve housing may only be applied according to the
provisions of EN 13463-1: 2009, section 6.7; otherwise, explosion protection can
no longer be ensured.

7.3 Installation conditions

For installing the product, always observe the environmental conditions specified
in "Data sheet 24751-XE".
It is imperative to provide for absolute cleanliness. The valve must be protected
from dirt during installation. Contamination of the hydraulic fluid may
considerably reduce the life cycle of the valve.
Observe the installation position specified in "Data sheet 24751-XE".



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