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Bosch Rexroth H-4WEH...XE Series Operating Instructions Manual page 30

4/2 and 4/3 directional valves, internally pilot-operated, externally pilot-operated
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Bosch Rexroth AG, H-4WEH...XE..., RE 24751-XE-B/04.16
Danger of damage to property and personal injuries!
Faulty energy supply may lead to uncontrolled valve movements. These could result
in possible malfunctions or failure of the valve and cause injuries.
Only use a power supply unit with safe separation.
Always observe country-specific regulations.
Danger of short circuit caused by missing seals and caps!
Fluids may enter the valve and cause a short-circuit.
Before commissioning, ensure that all seals and caps of the plug-in connections
are leak-proof.
The maximum temperature of the valve solenoid surface is 120 °C. When
selecting the connection line, please observe the requirements regarding the
temperature rating and/or avoid contact of the connection line with the valve
solenoid surface. For selection and installation, observe the provisions of
EN 60079-14.
Avoid bends in the connection lines and litz wires in order to avoid short-circuits
and interruptions.
Only assemble the cable and line entries according to the assembly instructions.
Check before the assembly whether the individual components of the cable and
line entry are complete and whether the sealing elements are undamaged.
Use finely stranded conductors only if they are equipped with pressed-on wire
end ferrules.
Use only lines which satisfy the requirements for the terminal areas of the
connection terminals and the cable and line entries, see "Data sheet 24751-XE".
During the assembly, ensure leak-tightness between cable and line entry and
terminal box. Route the connection line in a pull-relieved form. The first mounting
point must be within 15 cm of the cable bushing.
Connection of the valve solenoid is polarity-independent. Valve solenoids for
connection to alternating voltage have a bridge rectifier which is integrated in the
vale solenoid.



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