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Commissioning - Bosch Rexroth H-4WEH...XE Series Operating Instructions Manual

4/2 and 4/3 directional valves, internally pilot-operated, externally pilot-operated
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Bosch Rexroth AG, H-4WEH...XE..., RE 24751-XE-B/04.16
8 Commissioning
Faulty assembly!
If the valve is not correctly mounted, persons might be injured or the product or
system could be damaged when commissioning the valve.
Only commission your system when all hydraulic connections and the valve have
been completely and properly mounted according to the specifications.
Look out for defective sealing points and exchange defective seal rings
Wear personal protective equipment during the initial commissioning.
The solenoid coil may only be commissioned if mounted to the valve including
pole tube and mounting nut and if the protective earthing conductor and the
connection for potential equalization conductor are connected.
Inadmissibly high operating pressure!
In hydraulic applications with different area ratios, the hydraulic pressure is
fortified and may - in case of incorrect design - lead to exceedance of the maximum
admissible operating pressure. Thus, the valve may burst or the closing elements
may fly around and cause serious injuries.
Ensure before the commissioning of the hydraulic system that the maximum
admissible pressure of the hydraulic valve in the system is not exceeded by
no means.
Ensure that in your system, the maximum admissible operating pressure is
secured by means of a pressure limitation element.
Damage to persons and property!
Commissioning of the valve requires basic hydraulic and electrical knowledge.
Only qualified personnel (see chapter 2.4 "Qualification of personnel") is
authorized to commission the valve.
Risk of short-circuit!
Condensed water may form inside the terminal box and cause a short-circuit!
Allow the valve to acclimatize for some hours prior to commissioning as the
electronics might be damaged by the generation of condensed water.



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