Bosch ACS 611 Original Instructions Manual

A/c service-unit
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Table of Contents
ACS 611
de Originalbetriebsanleitung
es Manual original
Aparato de servicios de aire
nl Oorspronkelijke gebruiksaanwijzing
da Original brugsanvisning
A/C tjenesten Unit
cs Původní návod k používání
Přístroj na servis klimatizací vozidel
en Original instructions
A/C service-unit
it Istruzioni originali
Attrezzatura per assistenza
pt Manual original
Aparelho de manutenção de sistemas
de ar condicionado
no Original driftsinstruks
A/C tjenesten Unit
tr Orijinal işletme talimatı
A/C servis ünitesi
fr Notice originale
Appareil de SAV pour climatiseur
sv Bruksanvisning i original
A/C serviceenhet
fi Alkuperäiset ohjeet
A/C huoltolaite
pl Oryginalna instrukcja eksploatacji
Urządzenie do obsługi układu
ru Оригинальное руководство по эксплуатации
Подготовка к обслуживанию


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Bosch ACS 611

  • Page 1 ACS 611 de Originalbetriebsanleitung en Original instructions fr Notice originale Klimaservicegerät A/C service-unit Appareil de SAV pour climatiseur es Manual original it Istruzioni originali sv Bruksanvisning i original Aparato de servicios de aire Attrezzatura per assistenza A/C serviceenhet acondicionado climatizzatore...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    32 | ACS 611 | Contents English Initial commissioning Removing transportation packaging Symbols used Switching on the ACS 611 In the documentation Required settings 1.1.1 Warning notices - 5.3.1 Setting the language Structure and meaning 5.3.2 Setting the date and time 1.1.2...
  • Page 4: Acs 611

    | ACS 611 | 33 Maintenance 11.1 Spare and wearing parts 11.2 Maintenance interval 11.3 Tare oil scales 11.4 Calibration of scales 11.4.1 Calibrating internal refrigerant cylinder 55 11.4.2 Fresh oil and used oil scales 11.5 Vacuum pump 11.5.1 Changing vacuum pump oil 11.5.2 Reset of oil change interval...
  • Page 5: Symbols Used

    Consequences of hazard in the event of ultimately help avoid damage to the device. When a Bosch product is handed over to another person, not failure to observe action and information given. only the operating instructions but also the safety ¶...
  • Page 6: Obligation Of Contractor

    Whatever the event, accordance with electrical engineering principles. Bosch liability is restricted to the amount for which the customer actually pays for this product. This disclaimer Furthermore, the contractor must ensure that all...
  • Page 7: Safety Regulations

    Even after deactivating the high-voltage vehicle amounts of water and obtain medical help. electrical system, the high-voltage battery may still Before connecting the ACS 611 to a vehicle air be live. conditioner or an external refrigerant cylinder, make The operating condition cannot be established from sure the quick-release couplings are not leaking.
  • Page 8: Safety Devices

    50/60 Hz Rated frequency (for example by removing the radiator or engine). Rated current 230 VAC 6,3 A Position the ACS 611 on all four wheels on a flat, 30 mA Rated tripping current vibration-proof surface so that proper operation Tripping switch of the scales is guaranteed.
  • Page 9: Product Description

    The ACS 611 is only to be operated with R134a CHANGE OIL Vacuum pump refrigerant. The ACS 611 is not to be used for service work on vehicles with air conditioning systems employing refrigerants other than R134a, as this will cause damage.
  • Page 10: Description Of Unit

    Product description | ACS 611 | 39 Description of unit Fig. 1: Front view 1 Valve high pressure (hp) 2 Valve low pressure (lp) 3 Printer Fig. 2: Rear 4 Display and control panel 1 Service quick-release coupling (high pressure)
  • Page 11: Selection And Function Keys

    Various functions are assigned to the <MENU> function control the menus and the service phases. key in the ACS 611 software. The functions of the keys are defined in the menu line of the ACS 611 software. Bosch supplies a PS2 stick for updating the ACS 611 software.
  • Page 12: Input Keys

    Product description | ACS 611 | 41 3.4.2 Input keys 3.4.5 Scales for refrigerant, fresh oil and used oil The input keys can be used to enter letters, numbers and special characters in the input boxes. There are various scales for checking the quantities of refrigerant, UV dye, fresh oil and used oil.
  • Page 13: Service Hose And Service Quick-Release Coupling

    When not in use, the service hoses can be wound particles and moisture. up on the side of the ACS 611 and fixated with the service quick-release couplings. The purpose of the vacuum pump is to generate a...
  • Page 14: Program Structure

    Program structure | ACS 611 | 43 Program structure Manual mode Input Menu Calibration and tare SELECT PORTS Input Menu TANK CALIBRATION <RECOVERY> IN OIL CALIBRATION R Automatic emptying + < > 1111 R Extraction OUT OIL CALIBRATION 2. Enter R Oil drain 3.
  • Page 15: Initial Commissioning

    " Date and time are set. ACS 611 is set ex-works in such a way that only the internal refrigerant cylinder, the fresh oil bottle and Return with <Stop>. the UV dye bottle need to be filled before beginning servicing to vehicle air conditioning systems.
  • Page 16: Set Workshop Data

    4. Select "GARAGE" with o u and confirm with E. 5. Enter workshop data with <A – Z>,<0 – 9> and Before the ACS 611 can be used, the internal confirm with E. refrigerant cylinder must be filled with liquid refrigerant.
  • Page 17: Filling Internal Refrigerant Cylinder

    3. Enter filling capacity with <0 – 9> and confirm with E. 1. Stand the ACS 611 on a flat, vibration-proof surface.  Filling process starts. 2. Actuate the brake to stop the ACS 611 rolling. 3. Connect the power supply cord to the power supply.
  • Page 18: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions | ACS 611 | 47 Operating instructions 7.1.3 Customer and vehicle data Database Observe the ACS 611 menu prompting. 1. Call up start screen. 2. Press <DATA BASE>. <DATA BASE> key 3. Select "VEHICLE DATAS" with o u and confirm with 7.1.1...
  • Page 19: Manual Service

    Observe the ACS 611 menu prompting. With the ACS 611 all service phases can be performed manually. 1. Call up start screen. 2. Press <Fill>.
  • Page 20: Recovery

    3 LP PORT followed. 3. Select <1>,<2> or <3>; confirm with E. " ACS 611 first performs a self-cleaning process, then Observe the ACS 611 menu prompting. the recovery phase. Return with <Stop>. 7.3.3 Vacuum Make sure recovery has been performed before generating the vacuum.
  • Page 21: Processing

    50 | ACS 611 | Operating instructions Processing Observe the ACS 611 menu prompting. <Automatic> button 1. Call up start screen. Observe the ACS 611 menu prompting. 2. Press <MENU>. 3. Select <Processing> with o u and confirm with E.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting | ACS 611 | 51 Troubleshooting Please contact customer service if any of the actions suggested in this Section can not be implemented. Service prompt Messages Actions CHANGE OIL Change vacuum pump oil. REPLACE FILTER Combo filter replacement (see Section 7.3).
  • Page 23: Diagnosis

    13. Temperature: Read mean air temperature value selected in the database. (at fan openings in the middle). If no vehicle is selected ACS 611 opens the database The ACS 611 diagnostic software was developed and prompts to select a vehicle in order to perform to provide support and instruction for defects in a diagnosis.
  • Page 24: 10. Acs 611 Settings

    Optionally, special accessories for the cleaning of vehicle A/C components can be connected for Observe the ACS 611 menu prompting. ACS 611. If these special accessories are used, this function must be activated in the selection menu. 1. Call up start screen.
  • Page 25: Service Data Report

    Service hose (LP) 2,5 m SP00100030 SP00100036 Service hose (LP) 5 m Quick-release coupling (HP) SP00100083 The data storage of ACS 611 may contain more data Quick-release coupling (LP) SP00100082 than can be printed on one paper roll (printer). Used oil bottle SP00100060...
  • Page 26: Tare Oil Scales

    Weight 90 ml: Fresh oil bottle 70 ml + 20 ml buffer. The additional 20 ml buffer is recommended in order to avoid the ACS 611 from drawing in air when there is only a low oil quantity in the bottle. The filling level indicator of the fresh oil bottle shows 20 ml less than the actual filling level.
  • Page 27: Vacuum Pump

    56 | ACS 611 | Maintenance 11.5 Vacuum pump 11.5.2 Reset of oil change interval 11.5.1 Changing vacuum pump oil Observe the ACS 611 menu prompting. Attention – Risk of burns from hot surfaces 1. Call up start screen. Contact with the hot vacuum pump surface 2.
  • Page 28: Combo Filter

    3 LP PORT reset to zero. " 3. Select <1>, <2> or <3>; confirm with E. Filter change interval is reset.  ACS 611 performs a self-cleaning process, then the recovery phase. Return with <Stop>. 11.7 Software update Pressure gauge must reach 0 bar.
  • Page 29: Vehicle Database

    PS2 stick. Further information can be obtained from customer service. This product is subject to the European directive 2002/96/EC (WEEE). Do not switch off ACS 611 during update process. Old electrical and electronic devices, Observe the ACS 611 menu prompting. including cables, accessories and batteries, must be disposed of separately from 1.
  • Page 30: Technical Data

    PS2 stick: 13.1 ACS 611 Storage medium with PS2 connection; used in order to perform software update of ACS 611, or to store Property Value/range data from the internal memory of ACS 611 for data Dimensions H x W x D 1270 x 690 x 660 mm management on a PC.
  • Page 31 Robert Bosch GmbH Franz-Oechsle-Straße 4, 73207 Plochingen DEUTSCHLAND S P00 D00 002 | 2013-04-10...

Table of Contents