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Ftp File Operations - Sony PDW-V1 Operation Manual

Sony professional disc recorder pdw-v1 operation manual.
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Select "Sony XDCAM PDW-V1 IEEE 1394 SBP2
Device" and click Stop.
The Stop a Hardware device dialog appears.
Select "Sony XDCAM PDW-V1 IEEE 1394 SBP2
Device" and click OK.
• Windows 2000: A confirmation message appears.
• Windows XP: "Sony XDCAM PDW-V1 IEEE
1394 SBP2 Device" is deleted from the Hardware
devices list.
This unit can now resume normal operations. (The
limitations described in "Operation limitations during
FAM connections" (see page 58) no longer apply.)
Disconnect the i.LINK cable as required.
To reconnect after exiting file operations, do one of the
following, depending on whether an i.LINK cable is
i.LINK cable is not connected: Connect this unit and a
remote computer with an i.LINK cable.
i.LINK cable is connected: Disconnect the i.LINK cable
from either this unit or the remote computer, wait for
at least 10 seconds, and then reconnect the
disconnected cable.
The unit is powered off and an i.LINK cable is
connected: Power the unit on.
To disable FAM connections
Execute one of the procedures described in the previous
section "Reconnecting" to make a FAM connection
between this unit and the remote computer. To disable
FAM connections, set extended menu item 215 "PC
REMOTE" to "disable."
For more information about how to make this setting, see
7-3-2 "Extended Menu Operatoins" (page 75).

6-3 FTP File Operations

File operations between this unit and a remote computer
can be carried out by the File Transfer Protocol (called
FTP below).
Connect the network connectors of this unit and a
remote computer with a network cable (see
connections illustration on page 30). Or connect this
unit to the network to which the remote computer is
connected (see connections illustration on page 31).
Set the IP address and other network setting items for
this unit.
For details, see "To change network settings" (page
If network settings have already been made
Check the IP address of this unit.
For details, see "To check the assigned IP address"
(page 82).
Set the remote control switch to NETWORK (see page
Making FTP connections
FTP connections between this unit and a remote computer
can be made with either of the following.
• The command prompt
• FTP client software
This section explains how to use the command prompt. For
more information about using FTP client software, refer to
the documentation of the FTP client software on your
To log in
If this unit is connected to a remote computer with a FAM
connection, first exit file operations on the FAM
connection (see page 58).
Load a disc into this unit and put the unit into the
following state.
• Playback, search and other disc operations (see page
22): Stopped
• THUMBNAIL button (see page 22): Off
• Disc access by DELETE, FORMAT, and so on in
the System menu (see page 84): Stopped
6-3 FTP File Operations


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