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Clip List Playback; Playing Back In Clip List Order; Cuing Up With Sub Clip Thumbnails44 - Sony PDW-V1 Operation Manual

Sony professional disc recorder pdw-v1 operation manual.
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4-4 Clip List Playback

You can play back clips in the order of clip lists created
with the scene selection function (see page 45).

4-4-1 Playing Back in Clip List Order

Proceed as follows.
If the clip list that you want to play exists on the disc,
load it into the current clip list.
About the current clip list, see page 45.
For the clip list loading operation, see 5-3-3 "Loading
a Clip List From Disc Into the Current Clip List"
(page 52).
Press the SUBCLIP button, turning it on.
Press the PLAY button.
Playback begins from the first sub clip in the current
clip list.
Depending on the length of sub clips in the clip list and
their arrangement on the disc, playback may freeze
momentarily between sub clips.
4-4-2 Cuing Up With Sub Clip
With the desired clip list loaded in the current clip list,
proceed as follows.
Press the SUBCLIP button and the THUMBNAIL
button, turning them on.
Thumbnails of the first frames in the sub clips appear.
4-4 Clip List Playback
Title of current clip list
Total duration of sub clips in clip list
Currently selected sub clip
Recording date and time of
selected sub clip
To escape from the thumbnail display to the full-
screen display
Press the THUMBNAIL button, turning it off.
Use the arrow buttons or the jog dial to select the sub
clip you want to cue up.
You can select sub clips with the following operations.
Press the PREV or NEXT button: Move to the
previous or next sub clip.
Press the PREV or NEXT button with the SHIFT
button held down: Move to the first or last sub
Press the F or f button with the SHIFT button held
down: Switch to the previous or next page.
To cue up the selected sub clip, press the SET button.
To start playback from the selected sub clip, press the
PLAY button.
Sixth frame is selected
from a total of 34 sub clips
Duration of selected sub clip


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