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■ Creating Cutting Data
You can either create original data in CanvasWorkspace or
import data, then edit it. For this example, we will create data
by editing the pre-installed sample pattern.
(Roll Feeder) in the object panel, and then drag
the pattern into the drawing area.
• Adjust the pattern so that it fits within the red box. For
details, see "Creating Data" on page 4.
• A pattern can also be positioned in the drawing area by
clicking the pattern.
• Data created with the machine, for example, scanned data
or built-in patterns, can also be used with the roll feeder.
After importing the data into CanvasWorkspace, select
[Rolled Material] under [Artboard Size], and then export it
as an FCM file.
Edit the sample pattern.
• For details on editing in CanvasWorkspace, select [Online
Video Tutorials...] from the [Help] menu.
• By adding a margin at the beginning of the data, multiple
copies can be continuously cut out with a certain amount
of space between them.
After creating the cutting data, export it or transfer it to the
cutting machine. For details on exporting data to a computer
or USB flash drive as an FCM file (which can be retrieved on
a cutting machine), see "Exporting Data as FCM File" on
page 7.
For details on transferring the data to the machine, see
"Sending Data to the Machine" on page 8.

Weeding Box Function

Weeding is the process of removing the unnecessary parts
around a cut pattern to leave the desired parts on the backing
paper or backing film.
By using the Weeding Box function, a box (weeding box) can
be cut around the pattern, making it easier to peel off
unnecessary parts.
For this example, we will use patterns included with the
a Weeding box
The following shows the difference between weeding with and
without a weeding box.
Without a weeding box
With a weeding box
When peeling off large
unnecessary parts, they stick to
each other or to the desired parts,
making weeding difficult.
Cutting a weeding box breaks up
unnecessary parts into smaller
parts, making weeding easier.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents