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Error Messages

The following table lists some of the messages that may appear while the machine is operating as well as their corresponding
Perform the necessary operation according to the instructions in the message or the solution described here. If the problem persists,
contact Brother Customer Service or Brother authorized service center.

Cutting Machine Error Messages

Error message (cutting machine)
The data cannot be read.
Select [Roll Feeder] from home screen to use this data.
Rolled material is not loaded.
in the operation panel to load a rolled material.
Rolled material is not loaded correctly.
The rolled material will unload.
The feeder release lever is released.
Lock the feeder release lever.
Cannot read the data.
Get the PIN code again and register to the machine.
Cannot save the data.
Get the PIN code again and register to the machine.
The data cannot be deleted.
The data cannot be read.

CanvasWorkspace Error Messages

Error message (CanvasWorkspace)
Operation not allowed. The grouping of objects already includes 3 levels
of grouped objects. (E93001)
The entered size may be smaller than the selected object. Would you like
to place it as is? (N93001)
The procedure for retrieving roll feeder data was incorrectly performed.
Follow the correct procedure to retrieve data. (page 15)
Material has not been inserted.
After inserting the material, touch the "Start" key. (page 14)
Material was not fed correctly while cutting/drawing.
Align the left edge of the material with the rolled material guide, and then
insert the material straight into the feed slot. (page 14)
The feeder release lever (on the right side of the machine) remained
pulled down toward you.
Push the feeder release lever back up to lock the shaft, and then press
to feed in the material. (page 10)
- This message appears when you try to transfer data with a machine
different than the one registered with CanvasWorkspace.
- The registration of your machine has been canceled from
CanvasWorkspace. Register the machine again.
The USB flash drive being used may not be usable with this machine. If
removing the USB flash drive and performing the operation again causes
the message to appear again, replace the USB flash drive.
For information on USB flash drives compatible with this machine, visit
our website (
Three layers are already grouped when the weeding box is being
The weeding box will be grouped together with the original object. Since
more than three layers cannot be grouped, ungroup the object to which
the weeding box will be applied, and then apply the weeding box.
When a weeding box is being applied, the size specified for it is smaller
than the size of the original object.
Since the cutting lines for the weeding box will overlap those for the
original object, specify a weeding box size larger than the size of the
selected object.

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