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Roll feeder
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Useful Information

Roll Feeder Usage

For use with adhesive craft vinyl and iron-on transfer material in a rolled format. Rolled material should have a backing and the
machine can recognize half-cuts.
Rolled material can be fed directly into the machine (without attaching it to a mat) and cut. With this attachment holding the
material, it can be steadily unroll and properly fed. Using the roll feeder eliminates the need to attach the material to a mat, making
it possible to cut long patterns or cut multiple patterns continuously and efficiently.
The roll feeder is specially designed for the ScanNCut DX. It cannot be used with any model other than the ScanNCut DX.
In order to use the roll feeder function, the dedicated application CanvasWorkspace (PC Version) must be installed on your computer
and used to edit the pattern.

Compatible Materials

Half-cutting must be performed to cut material without attaching it to a mat. (Half-cuts are also sometimes called "kiss cuts".)
Half-cutting is the process of cutting only the adhesive-backed layer of double-layered material (typically adhesive craft vinyl or iron-
on transfer material
), leaving the backing layer such as backing paper or backing film uncut. Therefore, only materials that can be
half-cut can be cut with a cutting machine equipped with the roll feeder. Materials without a backing layer (thermal paper, rolled
sketch paper, etc.) cannot be cut with this attachment. Instead of using the roll feeder, attach these types of materials to the mat to cut
Roll Feeder Attachment: For use with select iron-on materials.

Examples of Materials That Can Be Used

Adhesive craft vinyl
This adhesive-backed sheet material is used to decorate signboards, window glass, walls or vehicles. The material consists of two
layers: an adhesive-backed sheet and backing (paper or film). After using the cutting machine to cut out your pattern, such as text or
a logo, from only the adhesive-backed layer, attach the pattern directly onto the wall, vehicle or other surface.
Test a small area on the surface before adhering the adhesive craft vinyl to avoid damage.
Applying the Adhesive Craft Vinyl to the Surface
Half-cut the desired pattern with
the cutting machine.
a Adhesive-backed layer
b Adhesive
c Backing layer
d Blade
Peel off any excess, leaving only the pattern on the backing. (Weeding)
Attach the application sheet
the area of the backing where the
pattern remains. (

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Table of Contents

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