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Building A Single Edkii Firmware Build Configuration - Intel Quark SoC X1000 User Manual

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Building the EDKII firmware
Building a single EDKII Firmware build
This section is supported in Linux and Windows build environments. Use in a Linux terminal window or quarkbuild.bat in a Windows
command prompt (created by running cmd.exe) and the cd command to change
directory to the root of the EDKII workspace directory created in
Build usage:
quarkbuild [-r32 | -d32 | -clean]
[GCC43 | GCC44 | GCC45 | GCC46 | GCC47 | subst drive letter]
[PlatformName] [-DSECURE_LD (optional)] [-DTPM_SUPPORT (optional)]
The following is the list of options for the and quarkbuild.bat build
Order Number: 329687-007US
subst drive letter
Delete the build files/folders
Create a DEBUG build
Create a RELEASE build
LINUX ONLY: GCC flags used for this build. Set to the
version of GCC you have installed.
NOTE: Validated with GCC43; tested on GCC46.
WINDOWS ONLY: quarkbuild.bat uses the letter
specified here with the Windows subst command to
associate a drive letter with the EDKII workspace
directory path. Associating a drive letter with the
EDKII workspace directory reduces flash space
requirements for debug executables.
Name of the Platform package you want to build
Create a Secure Lockdown build (optional)
Create an EDKII build with TPM support (optional)
Note: This option has a one-time prerequisite
described in the
For more details on TPM (Trusted Platform Module),
see the Intel
Quark™ SoC X1000 UEFI Firmware
Writer's Guide.
Section 4.2
Quark™ SoC X1000
BSP Build and Software User Guide