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Appendix; Precautions; Troubleshooting; Salvaging Memory When Recording Ends Abnormally - Sony BPU4800 Operating Instructions Manual

Baseband processor unit
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If the unit is suddenly taken from a cold to a warm location, or
if ambient temperature suddenly rises, moisture may form on
the outer surface of the unit and/or inside of the unit. This is
known as condensation. If condensation occurs, turn off the
unit and wait until the condensation clears before operating
the unit. Operating the unit while condensation is present
may damage the unit.
The fan and battery are consumable parts that will need
periodic replacement.
When operating at room temperature, a normal replacement
cycle will be about 5 years. However, this replacement cycle
represents only a general guideline and does not imply that
the life expectancy of these parts is guaranteed. For details
on parts replacement, contact your Sony representative.
The life expectancy of the electrolytic capacitor is about
5 years under normal operating temperatures and normal
usage (8 hours per day; 25 days per month).
If usage exceeds the above normal usage frequency, the life
expectancy may be reduced correspondingly.
Operating environment
• Avoid high-temperature rooms and near sources of heat.
• Do not place in locations with strong electric or magnetic
• Dry location with good ventilation.
• Avoid locations exposed to sunlight or strong lighting.
Avoid violent impacts
Dropping the unit, or otherwise imparting a violent shock to it,
is likely to cause it to malfunction.
Do not cover with cloth
While the unit is in operation, do not cover it with a cloth or
other material. This can cause the temperature to rise,
leading to a malfunction.
After use
Set the POWER switch to the OFF position.
If the body or panels of the unit become dirty, wipe them with
a dry cloth. For severe dirt, use a soft cloth steeped in a small
amount of neutral detergent, then wipe dry. Do not use
volatile solvents such as alcohol or thinners, as these may
damage the finish.
To prevent electromagnetic interference from
portable communications devices
The use of portable telephones and other communications
devices near this camera can result in malfunctions and
interference with audio and video signals.
It is recommended that the portable communications devices
near this camera be powered off.


Salvaging Memory when Recording
Ends Abnormally
When recording ends, press the POWER switch on the front
panel to finish operation of the unit. Recording will not end
normally if the main power switch of the connector panel is
turned off or the power cord is disconnected during recording.
If this happens, the file system will not be updated and the
video/audio data that was recorded in real time will not be
recognized as a file, resulting in the content of the file that
was recorded being lost.
The unit is equipped with a function (salvage function) for
restoring the data in memory with minimal loss. The salvage
function allows the file to be restored based on marker and
other information recorded to memory.
The salvage process can take a few seconds or up to 10
minutes, depending on the state of the memory when the
recording was interrupted.
• Before disconnecting the power cord on the connector
panel, switch the unit off using the POWER button on the
front panel.
• The salvage function is designed to salvage as much
recorded material as possible in the event that an
unforeseen accident occurs but there is no guarantee that
100% of the data will be restored.
• Data immediately before recording was interrupted cannot
be restored even if you execute this function.
Approximately one second of data prior to the interruption
is lost.
• A dialog prompting you to salvage or format is displayed
each time you turn the power on if there are files that have
not been restored.
• Recording and playback cannot be performed if files have
not been restored.
• Formatting memory will immediately enable you to use it
again as storage, but all recorded data will be lost.
• Even if data is successfully restored after a salvage, it is
recommended that you transfer files you want to keep to
external network storage or run playback to copy the files
to other media, and then reformat the memory.
Restoring files using salvage
If memory for which recording did not end normally
is detected, a warning message appears on the web
menu screen and a confirmation message appears
prompting you to salvage or format memory.
The salvage process cannot be stopped once it is
started. Allow plenty of time for the salvage process to
Select [FS Salvage] on the Storage screen of the web
The salvage process begins and a "Please wait."
message appears.


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