Home Screen - Sony BPU4800 Operating Instructions Manual

Baseband processor unit
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Table of Contents
Home screen: Displays the operating status of unit's boards
and the network.
Status screen: Displays a list of errors and warnings that
have occurred on the unit.
System screen: Makes basic settings for the unit.
Port screen: Makes settings for each port of the unit.
File screen: Displays a file list.
Storage screen: Displays information about memory and
configures the memory of the unit.
Title bar
The title bar is common to each screen of the web menu.
a Serial number
Displays the serial number of the unit.
b Number of open ports
c Storage capacity
d Error/warning indicators
Displays the number of errors and warnings that have

Home Screen

Displays the operating status of units boards and the
The Home screen supports simple display mode and detail
display mode. You can switch mode using the
[Simple]/[Detail] buttons.
Clicking the
button, turning it on, updates the screen
display automatically.
The [Control] button function is provided for service
administrators. A password is required to use it.
The Home screen displays the status of each port.
Maintenance screen: Used for maintenance of the unit. For
details about this screen, refer to the Maintenance
SNMP screen: Makes SNMP settings. For details about this
screen, refer to the Maintenance Manual.
In the descriptions of each screen, the underlined option is
the default value for each item.
Clicking the indicator displays detailed information about the
e REC INHI indicator
Indicates when recording is inhibited (red).
The indicator is white when recording is supported.


Table of Contents

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