Port Screen - Sony BPU4800 Operating Instructions Manual

Baseband processor unit
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Port Screen

Makes settings for each port of the unit.
HFR (high frame rate) Data Record Port
Port information
Displays the operating status of the selected port. The display
is the same as on the Home screen.
Remote 9pin
Selects whether to enable remote control from the device
connected to the REMOTE 1/2 connectors.
• Off
• On
Remote 25pin
Selects whether to enable remote control from the device
connected to the GPIO (25-pin) connector.
• Off
• On
User Specified Name
Sets the 4-character prefix for the names of recorded files.
Enter an arbitrary string in the text box or select a prefix from
the drop-down list.
[Record File Naming] must be set to [User Specified Name]
on the [Setup] tab of the [System] screen to enable this
Makes time code settings.
TCG Source
Selects the source signal for synchronizing the internal time
code generator.
• Internal-Preset
• External-LTC
Selects the signal to regenerate when the time code
generator is in regenerate mode or in automatic editing
• TC&UB: Regenerates both the time code signal and user
bit signal.
• TC Only: Regenerates the time code signal only.
• UB Only: Regenerates the user bit signal only.
RUN Mode
Sets the running mode of the time code generator.
• Free Run: The time code advances when the power is on
regardless of the unit's operating mode.
• Rec Run: The time code advances during recording only.
DF Mode
Sets the drop frame mode of the time code generator or timer
• DF


Table of Contents

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