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CLOUD VOICE S Service – Cisco Unified IP Phone 8851

Switching Call Conversation from Mobile Back to IP Phone

Similarly, if the call received by your mobile via SIM-Ring Mobility and back to
your desk, you can continue the call conversation by using switching call to
your IP Phone.
1. During the call conversation on mobile, hang up the call on your mobile
phone to disconnect the call via mobile phone (it will terminate the call).
2. The call will be in " Hold" status.
3. Within few seconds, Programmable Line button will be lighted up on your
IP phone.
4. Press the Programmable Line button.
5. The call will be transferred to IP phone & you can continue the call
Note: During the switching of conversation call back to IP phone, the call will be in 'Hold'
Version 4.0
status. Suggest you to inform the other call party
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