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Safety Instructions For The Installer; Electrical Connection; Function Test; Rating Plate - Electrolux WOK 38TCi O Operating And Installation Instructions

Glass-ceramic induction wok
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Safety instructions for the
This appliance corresponds to the type EN 60
335-2-6 with respect to protection against fire.
Only units of this kind may be fitted one-sided to
adjoining high-level cabinets or walls.
When fitted in combustible material, the NIN 2000,
section 4.2.2 and the fire-protection regulations of
the association of local fire insurance companies
must be observed without fail.
Limit to room width 368 mm, height 50 mm from
lower side of wok, depth 540 mm from rear with a
working surface depth of 600 mm. Combustible
walls and ceilings must be provided with a flame-
retardant lining above the wok in conformity with
the official fire regulations for the relevant area.
Protection against contact must be ensured by the

Electrical connection

Electrical connection must be made by a certified
The mains connection to the built-in switchbox
must be made with the existing connecting cable
and corresponding to the connection diagram. An
isolating device with at least 3 mm contact open-
ing to disconnect the appliance from the mains
supply at all poles simultaneously should be pro-
vided in the permanent home installation conform-
ing with NIN 2000.
Warning! While being serviced the appliance
must be disconnected from the power supply. The
rating plate is fitted on the underside of the wok.
Before putting into operation detach any protective
foil from the glass-ceramic wok.

Function test

A function test must be carried out after assembly
and completion of the electrical installation.
1. Pour some water into the wok pan (WOK P6.0)
and place this in the glass-ceramic cuvette.
2. Switch on the appliance as described in the chap-
ter "Operating" from Page 9.
3. Remove the wok pan from the glass-ceramic
cuvette. The pan detector must indicate
4. Switch off the appliance according to the chapter
"Operating" from Page 9.

Rating plate

Model Code
PNC 949 480 192



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