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Safety Instructions For The Installer - Electrolux EHP 6640 P Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Ceramic glass hob
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Safety Instructions for
the Installer
• A device must be provided in the electrical installa-
tion which allows the appliance to be disconnected
from the mains at all poles with a contact opening
width of at least 3 mm.
Suitable isolation devices include line protecting
cut-outs, fuses (screw type fuses are to be re-
moved from the holder), earth leakage trips and
• In respect of fire protection, this appliance corre-
sponds to EN 60 335-2-6. This type of appliance
may be installed with a high cupboard or wall on
one side.
• Drawers may not be fitted underneath the hob.
• The installation must guarantee shock protection.
• The kitchen unit in which the appliance is fitted
DIN 68930.
• For protection against moisture, all cut surfaces
are to be sealed with a suitable sealant.
• On tiled work surfaces, the joints in the area where
the hob sits must be completely filled with grout.
• On natural, artificial stone, or ceramic tops, the
snap action springs must be bonded in place with
a suitable artificial resin or mixed adhesive.
• Ensure that the seal is correctly seated against the
work surface without any gaps. Additional silicon
sealant must not be applied; this would make re-
moval more difficult when servicing.
• The hob must be pressed out from below when re-
• Clean the worktop around the cut-out area.
• Stick the single-sided adhesive sealing tape pro-
vided on the underside of the hob around the out-
side edge ensuring that it is not stretched. The two
ends of the tape should join in the middle of one
side. After trimming the tape (allow it to overlap by
2-3 mm), press the two ends together.
For Australia:
• CAUTION: The surface temperature exceeds 95°C.
To avoid a hazard, underbench access must be re-
• Supply cords must have a temperature rating not
less than 105°C.