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Complete Installation; Break-In Period; Controls Troubleshooting - Maytag MFS80 Installation Instructions Manual

Commercial washer
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Complete Installation

1. Be sure that the shipping brackets are removed.
2. Models with Tilting Feature: Remove the braces securing
the vibration components for transport. Then, in those same
locations, mount the two stops that secure the tub assembly
during tiliting. Replace all panels.
3. Models with Tilting Feature: Check the tilting direction.
on remote control to tilt forward.
on remote control to tilt back to beginning position.
4. Models with Tilting Feature: Make sure the Door Latch
(2) can be inserted into the Latch Receptacle (1). The Door
Latch will keep the door open during tilting. To release the
door to close it, pull down on the Door Latch.
1. Latch Receptacle
2. Door Latch
5. Remove the film covering from the cabinet.
6. Make sure the waste sump is ready for water drainage.
7. Open door and make sure that the washer drum is empty.
8. Verify that washer is level and does not rock from
9. Check electrical connection and ground – PE or PEN.
10. Adjust vibration switch. See "Vibration Switch Adjustment"
in Maintenance.
11. Check drain connection and clearance.
12. Turn power on at circuit breaker.
13. Turn the washer on. Begin a wash cycle. Watch the
drum during the extraction cycle. The drum should rotate
counter-clockwise as observed from the front of the washer
for Models MFS80, MFS100, and MFS125. The drum should
rotate clockwise as observed from the front of the washer for
Models MFS180, MFS230, and MFS275.
IMPORTANT: If the drum rotates counterclockwise, turn off the
power supply at the circuit breaker and reverse the polarity of the
supply wires from the frequency inverter to the motor. This should
only be performed by qualified personnel.
14. Perform vibration switch function test (see "Vibration Switch
Adjustment and Function Test").
15. Initialize for calibration of zero level (on the microprocessor
model) according to the Programming Manual.
16. Begin wash cycle again. Activate the emergency stop switch.
All electrical power to the washer should be deactivated.
The following checks and adjustments should be performed
during the break-in period as follows:
24 operation hours
Check belt tightness. See "Belt Inspection and Adjustment"
in Maintenance.
80 operation hours
Check belt tightness. See "Belt Inspection and Adjustment"
in Maintenance.
Check mounting bolt tightness. Retighten if necessary
(secured installation only).
For programming and controls troubleshooting, refer to the
Programming Guide.

Break-In Period

Controls Troubleshooting



Table of Contents

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