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No Receiver Inop - Philips IntelliVue Quick Reference Service Manual

Telemetry system.
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Receiver, Non-RF Problems


This INOP is generated when the telemetry system does
not detect a receiver present for a configured receiver
slot. This problem can occur in two ways -- in all or
multiple channels or in a single channel. Depending on
whether multiple or single channels are affected, the
actions are different. If this INOP appears, do the
If the problem is in a single-channel...
1. Check and see if the receiver module for the
reporting slot is seated properly. If it is not, re-seat
the module.
2. The receiver mainframe may be configured for
receivers that do not exist. These are empty
receiver slots with SDN branch assignments. Do the
following to see if this resolves the problem.
a. Check the configuration at the Central Station
using the Telemetry Service Screen.
b. Using the Telemetry Service Tool, reconfigure the
receiver mainframe. For any empty receiver slots,
assign a "0" to the SDN Branch Number.
3. The receiver module of the reporting channel is
faulty. Replace the receiver module.
4. Check to see if the rack interface to receiver
backplane cable is disconnected or broken.
Replace the cable if it is broken.
5. The receiver backplane is faulty. Replace the
receiver backplane.
Receiver Mainframe/System Faults


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