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Philips IntelliVue Quick Reference Service Manual Page 30

Telemetry system.
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5. The signal from the patient may be subject to
shadowing. Shadowing is caused by RF blocking
sources between the patient and the antenna
system. If the symptom is frequent NO SIGNAL or
WEAK SIGNAL INOPs on a specific channel when
the patient is in a particular room, the problem is
probably caused by shadowing. Check for RF
blocking sources in the patient's area and, if
possible, have them moved. If the blocking sources
cannot be moved, the antenna will have to be
repositioned. Contact a Philips Medical Systems
service representative for assistance.
6. The antenna system may be inadequate. Contact a
Philips Medical Systems service representative for
Frequent Dropouts along with TEL CANNOT
Print the RF History Strip for the problem channel
and check for interference problems.
2. Interference due to Heterodyning
– Interfering signals can be generated if
transmitters are stored with the batteries
installed and are in close proximity to other
transmitters, for example in a drawer. The signal
broadcasts into another transmitter where it
mixes or heterodynes in the circuitry creating
other frequencies that are then rebroadcast,
interfering with other operating transmitters.
– M2601A transmitters can be configured for RF
auto-shutoff after 10 minutes from a leads off
– Take the batteries out of all non-M2601A
transmitters when they are not in use, and all
M2601A transmitters that have the RF auto-
shutoff feature configured NO .
RF Troubleshooting Procedures


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