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Technical Specifications - Kenmore KM1000 Use & Care Manual

Freestanding purifier dispenser
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Important Safety Instructions

Technical Specifications

Rated Power
Heating Power
Refrigeration Power
Rated Pure Water Flow
Hot Water Production
Hot Water Storage
Cold Water Production
Cold Water Storage
Environmental Temperature Requirements
Environmental Humidity Requirements
Water Pressure Requirements
Water Flow Requirements
Water Source Quality
Appliance Size
Appliance Weight
Primary Filter (internal)
Secondary Filter (external)
UV Sterilizer
UV Lamp Lifespan
Regarding Connecting Other Appliances
Prior to connecting/disconnecting other appliances to the accessory port, first power off and
unplug your Water Optimizer.
The manufacturer is not responsible for any issues or damage that may occur to other appliances
connected to your Kenmore Water Optimizer. These issues may include, but are not limited to:
dry heating, low flow, water sloshing, etc. Kenmore and Drinkpod are in now way obligated to
provide technical support, warranty service or replacement for any parts or components not
included with your Optimizer, excluding OEM replacement filters. This guide will explain how to
use, maintain, and troubleshoot your new Water Optimizer.
When connected to other appliances, the filter reminder function may not work accurately, as the
appliance does not measure water that does not pass through the dispenser.
For optimal experience, do not dispense water from appliance while simultaneously utilizing water
flow from connected appliance.
Important Safety Instructions 8
KM1000 (white), KM1000B (black)
555 Watts
420 Watts
90 Watts
0.32 gal/min [43.5 psi] (1.2 L/min [0.3 MPa])
1.01 gal/hr ≥ 172.4°F (4 L/hr ≥ 78°C)
0.24 gal (0.9 liter)
0.79 gal/hr ≤ 50°F (3 L/hr ≤ 10°C)
0.3 gal (1.3 liters)
40°F - 100°F (4.44°C - 37.78°C)
≤ 90%
30 psi - 101.5psi (0.2 MPa - 0.7 MPa)
0.53 Gal/min (2.0 L/min)
Tap Water
10.24 in (260 mm)x 17.13 in (435 mm)x 16.73 in (425
29.76 lbs (13.5 kg)
UF Membrane + Post Carbon Block
Sediment Depth Filter
Cold Cathode UV Sterilization Lamp (Ambient Mode
Lifetime (1000 hours constant use)

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