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Kenmore KM1000 Use & Care Manual page 11

Freestanding purifier dispenser
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Important Safety Instructions
F3. Chemical Filter
replacing the secondary Particle Filter. The Chemical water filter replacement
pod utilizes a activated carbon granules to improve the safety of drinking water by
effectively removing common disinfection byproducts (THMs), organic contaminants
like chlorinated solvents and other industrial pollutants, pesticides, and select heavy
metals such as lead and mercury. The process reduces undesirable taste, odor, and
F4. ULTRA Filter
membrane to greatly reduce contaminants greater than 0.02 microns in size (i.e.
bacteria, colloids, and large organic molecules).
F5. Polishing Filter
primary (internal) filter if your source water doesn't contain significant levels
of small contaminants. In contrast to the 0.01 micron ULTRA+3 Hybrid Filter,
it is rated at 2 microns, providing a higher flow rate, and longer filter life.
The Polishing water filter replacement pod utilizes activated carbon block filter to
remove eliminate odors and discoloration in your water, while also improving taste.
Additionally, it provides particle and chemical filtration.
(Sold Separately)- This filter can be used as an alternative,
(Sold Separately) ULTRA water filter replacement pod utilizes a UF
(Sold Separately)- This filter is a great alternative for your
Important Safety Instructions 7

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