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Kenmore 625.38556 Owner's Manual

Premier reverse osmosis drinking water
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Reverse Osmosis
Drinking Water
MODEL NO. 625.385560
Read and follow all safety rules and operating
instructions before first use of this product.
or call toll free 1-800-426-9345
(M - F, 7 AM - 6 PM CST)
or Parts ? Call toll free 1-800-469-4663
See back cover for other Sears service numbers.
• Warranty
• Installation
• How It Works
• Care Of
• Specifications
• Repair Parts
System tested and certified
by NSF International
42 and 58.
See performance
sheet for details.
Printed on recycled
Part No. 7328475
(Rev. C 5/9/11)


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Kenmore 625.38556

  • Page 1 OWNER'S MANUAL Premier Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System MODEL NO. 625.385560 Caution: Read and follow all safety rules and operating instructions before first use of this product. Questions Visit or call toll free 1-800-426-9345 Repair or Parts ? Call toll free 1-800-469-4663 See back cover for other Sears service numbers.
  • Page 2 Sears Brands Management 14" 13" Questions? Call The Kenmore ELITE ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY according to all supplied instructions, if this product fails due to within one year from the date of purchase, call 1-800-4-MY-HOME if repair proves impossible).
  • Page 3 Water using an inline chlorinator should provide chlorine contact time before the RO system. Questions? Call The Kenmore before installing This system is acceptable centrations this manual will mg/L nitrite tified for nitrate/nitrite plies with a pressure of 280 kPa (40 psig) or greater.
  • Page 4: Inspect Shipment

    Commonwealth before proceeding with the installation. Reverse Osmosis Assembly Bag Assembly Dropper Tee, Feed Adapter Questions? Call The Kenmore System is shipped list below. Note any Note any damage view and parts items. If problems exist, listed through- require instal-...
  • Page 5: Plan Your Installation

    See Figure tools before proceeding with the installation. follow the instructions provided with Questions? Call The Kenmore System is a water passing through to reverse RO faucet. To prevent Water, under pressure, closes when the RO faucet where minerals...
  • Page 6 All install parts included in package. Soft, Cold Water Soft, Hot Water Additional Parts required. Questions? Call The Kenmore Typical Under Sink Installation Typical Remote Installation Outside Faucet (Hard Water) Outside (Hard Sediment Filter_ Water Air Gap Softener Water Line 1-800-426-9345...
  • Page 7 3. Remove tank and filter from cabinet NOTE: You must check and comply with all local plumb- ing codes. Questions? Call The Kenmore Supply fitting shutoff into cabi- and set aside. Water Line 1-800-426-9345 Figure or visit
  • Page 8: Install Cold Water Supply Fitting

    1/4" OD tubing. nection is shown in Figure 5B. If threaded used, be sure to use pipe joint compound ing tape on outside threads. Questions? Call The Kenmore TO INSTALL codes as you water fitting. Refer requirements.
  • Page 9 Do not cut too short or the adapter will not make a leak-tight necting fitting. 7. Tighten all connections, but do not over tighten connections. Questions? Call The Kenmore Under The Sink Installation from Single trap onto home type installa- if you are not...
  • Page 10 Outside (Hard Soft, Cold Soft, Hat Water Remote Location Installation Sump I--I Air_ap W2" Stand pipe Airgap INSTALL A REMOTE DRAIN POINT (Remote Location) You can also run the drain tubing the house. A floor drain, laundry etc. are suitable drain points.
  • Page 11: Install Reverse Osmosis Filter Assembly

    4. Place the storage tank next to the Reverse Osmosis Assembly. The tank can be placed side. Questions? Call The Kenmore can sit upright or lay you need to in order to change on the nipple See Figure 12.
  • Page 12: Install Reverse Osmosis Faucet

    See Figure 14. 6. Connect the length of 3/8" black tubing to the 3/8" barb on the bottom of the faucet. Questions? Call Kenmore OSMOSIS FAUCET of the Reverse hose or in diameter) next to the sink to the faucet.
  • Page 13: Install Battery

    Improper placement of battery age electronics. Use care when inserting align it correctly on PWA with the proper Figure 15. Questions? Call The Kenmore steps 5 and 6 base, 1/4 turn. flow of have been light that BLUE TUBE 3/8"...
  • Page 14 2. Continue holding collet inward out. See Figure 20. O-Ring Seat Callet Collet and O-Ring Questions? Call The Kenmore THE TUBES Review the following to be sure there on the hanger the o-ring. See Figure 18. A leaks. When 11/16" of the tube has...
  • Page 15 3. Connect to cold water supply fitting. CONNECT RED TUBE TO REVERSE OSMOSIS The red tube connection was completed steps. Questions? Call Kenmore NOTE: back of the assembly NOTE: installation the use of saddle Massachusetts, red tubing the Commonwealth ceeding blue tubing 1/4"...
  • Page 16: Sanitize Thesystem

    NOTE: The bleach must be removed before drinking the water. See purging next page. Questions? Call The Kenmore after installation that the person the system. If the tank is not to empty. in package tank tub-...
  • Page 17: Purging The System

    2. Close the Reverse Osmosis faucet after the 24 hour purging period is complete. 3. When the purging is finished, your Reverse Osmosis system is ready for use. Questions? Call Kenmore on the preced- kitchen faucet_ the following steps. runs smooth. as the leaks. Fix leaks...
  • Page 18: How Your Reverse Osmosis System Works

    Clean, high quality drinking the faucet. Questions? Call Kenmore Water Reverse Osmosis pressure to force water has a hand operated are filtered Figure 24. An air-gap goes to the storage connection...
  • Page 19: Product Water

    Reverse Osmosis membrane 6. Faucet is activated. 7. Processed water leaves the storage tank and flows to the post filter filtered 8. Water flows to the Reverse Osmosis faucet. Questions? Call The Kenmore PRODUCT WATER FAUCET PRODUCT WATER check control valve...
  • Page 20: Maintenance

    Z Remove and replace the timer battery. 8. Turn on the water supply to the RO system. 9. Purge the Reverse Osmosis membrane page 17 for instructions. Questions? Call The Kenmore Cover the battery, prefilter sediment car- replace the prefilter...
  • Page 21: Change Battery

    Questions? Call The Kenmore Push o-ring seal into port then follow with a seal at initial...
  • Page 22 Replacement of the reverse osmosis component: cal to the efficiency of the system. Replacement specifications, as defined by the manufacturer, Questions? Call The Kenmore sulfide (new membrane) _ ... 42 and 58 for the specific performance water production, and total dissolved...
  • Page 23 Questions? Call The I<enmore Water Line 1-800-426-9345 or visit I<
  • Page 24 Reverse Osmosis system not within specifications, Cause: Missing flow control insert in red drain tube or its corresponding Questions? Call The Kenmore Correction: If the water limits, and additional needed. Correct Reverse Osmosis reducing Correction: Replace the prefilter, cartridges.
  • Page 25 Tubing not cut square. Cause: Tubing not pushed in all the way. Cause: Tubing nicked. Cause: Outer tubing surface finish not smooth. Questions? Call The Kenmore black I Correction: Inspect and eliminate instructions for proper Correction: Replace with new battery. Correction: Install battery correctly.
  • Page 26 Manifold Housing PUSH-IN FITTINGS o-ring seat coltet o©. 22--_ 1/4" tubing "4 Questions? Call Kenmore Water Line 1-800-426-9345 or visit
  • Page 27 • Not included. • Tubing lengths for remote • Not illustrated. Questions? Call The Kenmore Description (4 req'd) Shut Off Cover (2 req'd) screws) Cover (includes screws) & O-ring Assembly (incl. Key Nos. 1-5, 8, 9, 16, 17, 26 & 27) stem x 3/8 tube "/€...
  • Page 28 For expert troubleshooting For repair of carry-in items like vacuums, and electronics, call anytime for the location of your nearest Sears Parts & Repair Service 1-800-488-1222 To purchase a protection agreement 1-800-827-6655 (U.S.A.) Para pedir servicio de reparaci6n a domicilio, y para ordenar 1-888-SU-HOGAR (1-888-784-6427)

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