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Leaving Your Water Optimizer (Vacation) - Kenmore KM1000 Use & Care Manual

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Maintaining Your Water Optimizer
12. Disconnect the tubing running between our Optimizer's
1/4 in. Quick Connect Shutoff Valve
tubing into a container to catch any water that drains back.
13. Next, place the container below the rear ports, and tilt the Water Optimizer backwards
(no more than 45 degrees), allowing any remaining water to drain from the appliance.
14. Now remove the filter(s). If the filter(s) will not be used for more than a few days,
we highly recommend discarding them, and replacing them with new ones, to
avoid any bacteria or mold growth issues. Storing them in your refrigerator may
extend this time, but results will vary.
15. Finally, unplug

Leaving Your Water Optimizer (Vacation)

If you plan to take a trip, and leave your Water Optimizer for more than a few days, We
highly recommend following the steps below prior to leaving. This will help prevent any
damage from occurring, the rare possibility of leaks, and returning to poor tasting water.
If your trip is more than two weeks, we recommend using these steps instead,
Relocating" on page
1. If applicable, first flip
Cold Mode Power Switch
2. Next, unplug
3. Shutoff water flow to your appliance by turning the blue handle on the
1/4 in. Quick Connect Shutoff Valve
4. Place a container below the
each of the three temperature modes until no more water will come out.
5. When you return, after reconnecting tubing, reinstalling filters, and re-enabling
water flow (in that order), we recommend flushing 1 gallon of water from each
temperature mode prior to use. Have a great trip!
110v Power Cord
Hot Mode Power Switch
into the down position to power off the heating and cooling
110v Power Cord
Source Input Port
you just shutoff, and place end of the
from the electrical outlet. You're finished!
from the electrical outlet.
(see Installation Guide)
located at the back of the appliance.
Water Dispenser
Source Input Port
connected to your
Nozzle, and dispense water from
Maintaining Your Water Optimizer 17
"Storing &

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