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Issue #7: My Dispenser Button Light Is Flashing; Issue #8: My Water Optimizer Is Leaking Water - Kenmore KM1000 Use & Care Manual

Freestanding purifier dispenser
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Troubleshooting Your Water Optimizer
Solution 2: Cold tank's water level may have been drained and exhausted by above
average use, and requires sufficient time to replenish.
Solution 3: Compressor may have failed or lost the R-134A refrigerant. If compressor
is running continuously and/or feels extremely hot to touch, power off
Cold Mode Power

Issue #7: My Dispenser Button Light is flashing.

Solution 1: When your Water Optimizer's beeping and/or the Dispenser light is blinking, it
means that the
a pre-caution against flooding. This is why we recommend laying a towel down over the
sensor when setting up the unit or changing filters, so as not to get water onto the interior
To clear/reset: Unplug the
If water is actively leaking, shutoff your water source valve behind your Optimizer,
then unscrew and remove the exterior panels to identify where the product is leaking.
In almost all scenarios, it will be one of the internal fittings that was loosened during
shipping. Firmly reattach the leaking fitting, then turn on the source valve, and check to
ensure all leaking has ceased. Once you've resolved all leaks, reattach exterior panels.
Now, rotate and slide the Optimizer so that the rear left corner is extruding our over the
counter. Insert a small flat head screwdriver into the small slot in between the bottom
panel and the
left of the appliance) while applying upwards pressure, to pop out the sensor tray. Lift
out the
Leak Detection Sensor
dry out the entire cavity. Re-plug the unit to power to reset the program. Reinstall the
Leak Detection Sensor

Issue #8: My Water Optimizer is leaking water.

Solution 1: Follow the leak to its source. There may be a section of tubing that has a loose
connection that requires reattaching. Check by pushing tube inwards till it stops, then
pulling outward (if Quick Connect/has sleeve) to ensure it is properly gripping.
Solution 2: Check for disconnected tubing or water line or filter connection throughout unit.
Troubleshooting Your Water Optimizer 20
Switch, and contact support at 1-844-374-6576, or
Leak Detection Sensor
110v Power
Leak Detection Sensor
(looks like a circuit board). Dry it thoroughly, and then
and tray. Good to go!
has detected water and shut down the system as
Cord. Check for any leaking water.
tray. Pull gently backwards (towards the

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