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Configuration - Siemens CP 5613 A3 Operating Instructions Manual

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Configuring with STEP 7 or NCM PC
Create a suitable configuration for the CP in STEP 7 or NCM PC.
the procedure is described in detail in the configuration manual "Commissioning PC
Stations". You will find this document on the Product Support pages under the following entry
13542666 (
Compatibility during configuration
If there is not yet a CP 5613 A3 / CP 5614 A3 available in the hardware catalog of your
STEP 7 version or NCM PC version, you can also select one of the following CPs for
● CP 5613 A2 / CP 5614 A2
● CP 5613/CP 5614
The CP 5613 A3 / CP 5614 A3 is downwards compatible with the configurations of the
previous versions.
The DP slave configuration of a CP of the 5613 series is not compatible with the DP slave
configuration of a CP from the 5614 series. This means, for example, that the DP slave
configuration of a CP 5613 A3 must not be loaded on a CP 5614 A3 - and vice versa -
because the slave cannot work with this configuration.
CP 5613 A3 / CP 5614 A3
Operating Instructions, 10/2012, C79000-G8976-C277-01



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