Siemens CP 342–5 Manual

Siemens CP 342–5 Manual

Communications processor for simatic net
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CP 342–5
version 1 or higher (firmware V4.0.0)
CP 342–5 FO
version 1 or higher (firmware V4.0.0)
Release 01
6GK7 342-5DA02-0XE0
6GK7 342-5DF00-0XE0
Contents, Product Notes
CP 342-5/342-5 FO Communica-
tions Processor
Compatibility – Replacing older
How to Install the Module
Technical Data
Notes on the CE Mark on


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Siemens CP 342–5

  • Page 1 SIMATIC NET Contents, Product Notes CP 342-5/342-5 FO Communica- tions Processor Manual Compatibility – Replacing older Modules How to Install the Module Technical Data Notes on the CE Mark on SIMATIC NET Products References CP 342–5 6GK7 342-5DA02-0XE0 version 1 or higher (firmware V4.0.0) CP 342–5 FO 6GK7 342-5DF00-0XE0 version 1 or higher (firmware V4.0.0)
  • Page 2 Trademarks SIMATICR, SIMATIC HMIR and SIMATIC NETR are registered trademarks of the SIEMENS AG. Third parties using for their own purpose any other names in this document which refer to trademarks might infringe upon the rights of the trademark owners.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Product Notes ..........CP 342-5/342-5 FO Communications Processor .
  • Page 4: Product Notes

    Product Notes Product Notes Note All the information in the product information bulletin accompanying the device described here is up to date and valid and must be read thoroughly. Compatibility with the Previous Version The CP 342–5 described here can be used to replace the following CPs –...
  • Page 5: Cp 342-5/342-5 Fo Communications Processor

    CP 342-5/342-5 FO Communications Processor Application The CP 342-5/342-5 FO communications processor is intended for operation in a programmable controller of the SIMATIC S7-300 series. It allows the S7-300 to be connected to a PROFIBUS fieldbus system. Design CP 342-5 CP 342-5 FO (9-pin sub-D female (Duplex sockets for optical...
  • Page 6: Characteristics

    Characteristics Services The current version of the CP 342-5/342-5 FO supports the following communication services: S PROFIBUS-DP – as DP master class 1 and class 2 (PROFIBUS-DP complying with EN 50170, DP Master) – as DP slave (PROFIBUS DP complying with EN 50170, DP Slave) Note Note however, that the CP 342-5/342-5 FO can only be operated as DP master or DP slave but not both.
  • Page 7 Module Replacement without PG The CP supports the option of storing the CP configuration data on the CPU. If you use this option, you can replace a module without having to download the configuration data from the programming device. The configuration data are then stored in the load memory of the CPU. The non-volatile storage of the configuration data on the CPU is guaranteed by battery backup or by using an EPROM module card.
  • Page 8: Performance

    Performance 1.2.1 Transmission Rates The transmission rate is set with the SIMATIC STEP 7 configuration software. The following values are permitted: Table 1-1 Transmission rate CP 342-5 CP 342-5 FO 9.6 Kbps 19.2 Kbps 45.45 Kbps 93.75 Kbps 187.5 Kbps 500 Kbps 1.5 Mbps 3 Mbps...
  • Page 9 Extended Master Functions The CP 342-5/342-5 FO supports the following: S SYNC/FREEZE (acyclic) S Shared input/output (acyclic) S Activating/deactivating DP slaves S Modifications during runtime – own PROFIBUS address – DP mode (no DP, DP master, DP slave active/passive) S Hardware interrupts / diagnostic interrupts Hardware and diagnostic interrupts do not need to be evaluated in the user program.
  • Page 10: Basic Data Of The Dp Interface / Dp Slave

    You can obtain device database files as follows: By modem from the mailbox in the Interface Center, Fürth Tel. 0911-737972 (from outside Germany +49-911-737972 On the Internet http.\\ under “Support, Training and Service...Customer Support, Downloads” Vendor ID CP 342-5: 8093...
  • Page 11: Data For S5-Compatible Communication (Send/Receive Interface) On Fdl Connections

    Note The reaction times listed above are only intended as a guideline and only apply when no other services (for example PG functions) are processed on the CP. 1.2.4 Data for S5-Compatible Communication (SEND/RECEIVE inter- face) on FDL Connections: The following data are important when operating FDL connections (Specified, Free Layer 2 (SDA and SDN), Broadcast, Multicast): Table 1-6 Feature...
  • Page 12: Basic Data For S7 Communication

    1.2.5 Basic Data for S7 Communication The following characteristic data are important for operating S7 connections: Table 1-8 Feature Explanation / Values Number of S7 connections that can be operated 16 maximum 1) The actual number of S7 connections that can be operated depends on the CPU type you are using. There are further restrictions if you operate in mixed mode.
  • Page 13 Number of Connections in Mixed Mode If you use a connection configuration involving the maximum number of FDL connections (16) and the use of DP at the same time, the maximum number of S7 connections reduces from 16 to 12. Manual CP 342–5 / CP 342–5 FO C79000–G8976–C146/01...
  • Page 14: Displays And Mode Selector

    Displays and Mode Selector LED Display of the CP Mode The four LEDs on the front panel provide information about the mode of the CP coded as shown below: Table 1-10 SF (red) BUSF (red) STOP CP Mode (green) (yellow) Starting up (STOP–>RUN) Running (RUN) Stopping (RUN–>STOP)
  • Page 15 Controlling the Operating Mode There are different ways in which you can control the operating mode of the CP 342-5/342-5 FO, as follows: S Using the mode selector S Using the NCM S7 for PROFIBUS configuration software S SIMATIC Manager in STEP 7 To be able to control the CP mode from STEP 7 / NCM S7 for PROFIBUS, the mode selector must be set to RUN.
  • Page 16: Compatibility - Replacing Older Modules

    Compatibility – Replacing older Modules Replacing Modules The table below describes the steps involved when replacing an older module with one of the modules described here: Table 1-11 Previously Used Module Steps in Configuration 6GK7 342-5DA00-0XE0 Supply the new module with the adapted configuration as described below: 1.
  • Page 17 Information in the Online Help and Documentation regarding NCM S7 for PROFIBUS The additional information “for newer modules” in the STEP 7 / NCM online help and in the NCM S7 for PROFIBUS manual applies to the CP described here. The symbol shown here is used to indicated the relevant passages.
  • Page 18 Table 1-12 Changed Behavior, continued Topic Previously Triggering cyclic global control – supported DP master mode: with FC DP_CTRL In the version of the CP 342-5 described here, the following services of FC DP_CTRL are not supported: CTYPE = 1 These job types are rejected with the code 8311 Triggering acyclic global control...
  • Page 19 Table 1-12 Changed Behavior, continued Topic Previously 11. Deterministic sending/receiving In the cyclic DP mode, the job In the cyclic DP mode, the of data – coordination between confirmation on the FC execution cycle on the CPU is CPU and CP/PROFIBUS interface contains the independent of the cycle on the confirmation of the transfer to...
  • Page 20 Note on 8. : Consistency in data transfer between CP and user program Depending on the response in the user program, you can assume different areas as consistent data areas on the transfer interface between the CP and user program. Note Please note the information on programming FCs in the online help on the FCs and in the manual /2/.
  • Page 21 Table 1-15 FC Type (version) Can be used with module type CP 342-5 with order no. 6GK7 6GK7 6GK7 6GK7 342-5DA00-0XE0 342-5DA01-0XE0 342-5DA02-0XE0 342-5DA02-0XE0 configured as ..DA00 or ..DA01 < V3.0 – >= V3.0 Note on the SIMATIC_NET_CP block library: Please remember to check the version IDs of the subfolders in the SIMATIC_NET_CP block library and the version IDs of the blocks themselves.
  • Page 22: How To Install The Module

    How to Install the Module Installing the CP 342-5 involves the following steps: Table 1-16 Step Execution / Meaning 1. Fit the module onto the S7 rail. You can install the CP in slots 4 through 11 in racks 0 through 3 (connected via the IM 360/361). 2.
  • Page 23: Technical Data

    Technical Data General Technical Specifications Table 1-17 Voltages, Currents, Operating Conditions, Cable Cross Sections Power supply 24 V DC Current consumption - from 24 V: 0.25 A typical - from S7-300 backplane bus 150 mA typical Cable cross section 24 V 0.25 to 2.5 mm Power loss Permitted ambient temperature:...
  • Page 24: Notes On The Ce Mark On Simatic Net Products

    The SIMATIC NET products listed above meet the requirements of the EU Directive 89/336/EEC “Electromagnetic Compatibility. The EU conformity certificates are kept for the authorities responsible accor- ding to the EU directives listed above at the following address: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Bereich A&D Industrielle Kommunikation SIMATIC NET (A&D PT2) Postfach 4848 D-90327 Nürnberg...
  • Page 25: References

    Communication with SIMATIC manual Order numbers The order numbers for the SIEMENS documentation listed above can be found in the catalogs “SIMATIC NET Industrial Communication, Catalog IK 10” and “SIMATIC Programmable Logic Controllers SIMATIC S7 / M7 / C7 – Components for Fully Integrated Automation, Catalog ST 70”.

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