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Hardware Installation; Safety Notices - Siemens CP 5613 A3 Operating Instructions Manual

Pg/pc - profibus
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Hardware installation


Safety notices

Electric shock possible - work only when the power supply is off
Opening the PG/PC and plugging or pulling the communications processor is permitted
only when the power is off.
Turn off your PG/PC and pull the power cable connector before you start the hardware
Note the EC directives
Components can be damaged or destroyed by electrostatic discharge. When installing,
keep to the rules for electrostatically sensitive devices (ESD).
• Pick up components and modules only by their edges. Do not touch the pins or
• Before opening the PG/PC, make sure that you discharge any electrostatic charge from
• Make sure that you also discharge any electrostatic charge from tools you intend to use
• Do not operate the PG/PC with the housing open.
Firm mounting
The CP must sit firmly and uniformly in the slot. Check that the module sits firmly in the slot
as described in the manual accompanying your PG/PC.
Oblique installation position is permitted
Some PG/PC designs require oblique installation of the CP. This is permitted.
CP 5613 A3 / CP 5614 A3
Operating Instructions, 10/2012, C79000-G8976-C277-01
your body. You can do this by touching metal parts on the back panel of the PG/PC
pulling the power plug.
for the work on the PG/PC.



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