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Installing Hardware - Siemens CP 5613 A3 Operating Instructions Manual

Pg/pc - profibus
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Hardware installation

3.2 Installing hardware

Installing hardware
Permitted number of communications processors in the PG/PC
The driver software supports a maximum of 4 CPs per PG/PC.
Automatic adaptation of the bus clock speed
The CP is designed for a bus clock speed of 66 MHz. If the CP is inserted in a PCI slot with
a higher bus clock speed, the bus clock speed is adapted to the highest possible bus rate of
the CP. Examples:
● The PCI slot is automatically reduced to a bus clock speed of 66 MHz.
● The bus clock speed of the CP is automatically reduced to 33 MHz if a module with a 33
• First install the software
• Activated plug and play function
Follow the steps outlined below when inserting the CP:
1. Turn off your PG/PC and pull the power cable connector.
2. Open the computer housing as described in the manual accompanying your PG/PC.
3. Remove the cover of a free PCI slot.
4. Remove the CP from its packaging.
5. Insert the CP in the PCI slot and secure it.
6. Close the computer housing as described in the manual accompanying your PG/PC.
7. Insert the power plug into the socket again and turn your PG/PC on.
8. Follow the instructions of the Hardware Wizard of Windows.
MHz bus clock speed is connected.
First install the software before you insert the CP in the slot.
The plug and play function must be activated in the BIOS of your PG/PC.
Make sure that the CP is correctly inserted and secured.
The plug and play function of Windows automatically searches for a driver.
activate the search for drivers on the Internet.
Operating Instructions, 10/2012, C79000-G8976-C277-01
CP 5613 A3 / CP 5614 A3



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