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Meaning Of The Led Display - Siemens CP 5613 A3 Operating Instructions Manual

Pg/pc - profibus
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Meaning of the LED display

LED display
The meaning of the LED display is as follows:
Green and yellow LED
Green on:
Green off:
Green flashes at one second
Green flashes fast, yellow is off:
Green and yellow flashing
Green and yellow flashing
One of the two LEDs is on, the
second flashes quickly:
with the CP 5614 A3
CP 5613 A3 / CP 5614 A3
Operating Instructions, 10/2012, C79000-G8976-C277-01
Applies only to
Yellow on:
DP slave operation
Yellow off:
Shows the token rotation, in other words, normal operation.
Incorrect bus parameters, defective bus or CP not in
Bad database.
Module not started; normal status following reset.
When using more than one module in a PG/PC:
Identification of the module by a diagnostics tool.
Exception status; error in firmware.
Error initializing the module.
Shows polling by the higher-level DP master.
DP slave connector is not addressed.
Description of the device
1.4 Meaning of the LED display



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