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Moving All Entries; Group Setting; Selecting Memory; Personal Information - Haier Z3000B User Manual

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card memory is full.
A name card in the phone memory may contain three phone numbers at most. Copy an entry
in the phone memory to the SIM card memory will copy all these numbers to the SIM card
memory, each number comprising a new entry, all under a same name.

Moving all entries

Similar to that of copying all entries, yet the original entries will be deleted.
For entries in the phone memory, only when all numbers in an entry have been moved to the
SIM card memory, will the original entry be deleted.

Group setting

You may change the name/icon of each of the six groups.
Selecting memory location
You may select the phone memory or the SIM card memory to store a new phone number.
2.6.10 IP number
You may preset an IP number so that you can dial IP calls directly without inputting the IP
number again and again.
The preset IP number is service provider dependent.
You may view or edit this number.
When using a new SIM card, the IP number stored in the old SIM card become void.
You are required to make sure that the preset IP number is correct.

2.6.11 Personal information

You may input, view, modify or delete your personal information with this feature.
Modifying personal information
Input your information in relevant fields as prompted.
Deleting personal information
You may delete all personal information, i.e. delete information in all fields.
Viewing personal information
You may scroll through the personal information with the Up/Down key.
2.8 Data transfer between the phone and PC
Note: Only for users who have chosen optional external camera and data cable.
First of all, please visit Haier online website, and go to, then, enter the
section for driver download. Download the driver file to your local machine for free, namely



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