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Display - Haier Z3000B User Manual

Color screen gprs
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Key operation from the standby mode
The user may from the standby mode:
Press the Send key to access dialed numbers
Press the left softkey or the Enter key to access the main menu (when the external
camera is attached, press the key will activate the camera menu)
Press and hold key 'OK' will activate voice command function
Press the Up key to access the call list
Press the Down key to access the phonebook list
Press the Right key to access the SMS menu
Press the Right softkey to access the phonebook menu
Input the telephone number with the number keys, dial a number or display a menu
Use the user-defined hotkey (see "Hotkey Setting")

1.2 Display

The main display has 128(width)x128(height) pixels and is capable of displaying 4096 colors.
The icons are only available under standby mode, to indicate the current status of the phone.
Name of icon
Battery level
Local network
GPRS status
Text message
Shows the amount of charge left in your battery in
the form of five visible bars. The number of battery
bars displayed will vary from zero to four repeatedly
during the charging process.
Composed of two parts. The left part indicates that
the mobile phone is duly registered to a network.
The right part shows the signal strength. The more
bars visible, the greater the signal strength. Five
bars are displayed when the signal is strongest. If a
GPRS icon is displayed, it indicates that your
phone is in the GPRS mode.
Appears when your phone uses another network
system outside your home network.
Appears when your phone uses the home network.
Right icon: Your phone is in the GPRS mode. Left
icon: Your phone isn't in the GPRS mode.
Appears when there are one or more unread text
messages. After you read these text messages, the
icon disappears. The right icon is displayed when
the text message storage is full. In this case, only
the right icon is displayed even when there is any
unread text message.



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