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Care And Maintenance - Haier Z3000B User Manual

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6. Care and Maintenance

Adequate care and maintenance can ensure you many years of trouble free operation.
Please keep your phone dry and clean.
Care and maintenance
Do not leave the phone in a place of dirt and heavy dust to prevent contamination of
detachable parts.
Do not store/use the phone at an extremely high temperature that may be harmful to
electronic elements and battery, or cause distortion or deformation of the plastic parts.
Do not attempt to repair the phone or its accessories by yourself. Repair should be
performed only by authorized personnel.
Always purchase and use Haier genuine accessories.
Protect the phone from dropping, impact, and violent vibration that could cause damage
of internal circuit.
Keep the phone and its accessories out of reach of children.
Keep the phone dry. Do not clean the phone with chemical solvent or detergent. Use a
cotton cloth with water or neutral soap solution to clean the shell gently.
Turn off the phone without delay if it becomes wet. Remove the battery and allow it to dry
in the air. Inspect and make sure whether the phone functions properly.



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