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Number Input; Phonebook - Haier Z3000B User Manual

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possible combination of such letters automatically. (Press the Up/Down key to access more
options, if any) After the desired word is selected, press the Enter key to confirm and this
word will be added to the text line with a space after it.
Note: Editing of symbols is forbidden in this mode.
2.5.2 Letter input
You can enter letters directly from the text line.
Press the key that contains the letter you want to input. Press once if such letter is in the first
position. Press twice to display the second letter, and so on, until the desired letter is

2.5.3 Number input

You can enter numbers directly form the text line.
Press any key from 0 to 9, and the number you thus selected will be added to the text line.

2.6 Phonebook

You can store a list of names and phone numbers in the phonebook of either the SIM card or
your phone. You can also search, add, revise or delete any information in you phonebook or
use it to make speed dialing or send text messages.
Tips: The phonebook may be inaccessible during the initiation process at the time the phone
is turned on.
Attribution of phonebook
There are two types of phonebook, i.e. in SIM card (SIM card capacity dependent) and in the
phone (supporting up to 300 entries), different with respect to contents and the way of use,
yet mixed in one list.
An entry in the SIM card memory has a SIM card icon on the right, while an entry in the phone
memory has a type icon on the right.
SIM card memory
An entry contains a name and a phone number.
Phone memory
An entry is also called a "name card", which contains the following information:
Phone number (three numbers at most under the same name, up to 21 bytes each,
e.g., for a 21-byte number, the first byte is always "+", while "0-9", "*", "#", "w" and "p"
making up the rest part.)
Default number (when a SIM entry is copied to the phone memory, the type of the
number will be default).
Mobile phone



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