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Stk Service (Network Dependent) - Haier Z3000B User Manual

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3.8.4 Stopwatch
You may use the built-in stopwatch for timekeeping. The initial setting is 00:00.0. Press the
left softkey to start timekeeping. To pause timekeeping, press the left softkey. Press once
more to resume timekeeping. To reset the stopwatch, press the right softkey.
3.8.5 Timer
Similar to the alarm clock, except that the time to set is the time before the mobile phone
gives you an alert. No repeating function. The operation procedure is same as that of alarm
Note: The timer works even when the phone is turned off.
3.8.6 World time
This feature allows you to check the present time of major cities in different time zones. You
can select one of them as the screen display time. Select or cancel the daylight saving time
as desired.
Two time displays are shown below the world map, one for local time and one for other place.
A sun icon by a city indicates that the daylight saving time is selected.
Press the Left/Right keys to select a city longitudinally. Press the Up/Down keys to select a
city latitudinally.
You may set the time of another city as the local time or set it as the daylight saving time.
3.9 STK service
1. STK Menu
Note: Different STK suppliers may provide different services. The STK menu is accessible
only when it is supported by your service provider.
STK (SIM ToolKit) is a feature that enables applications for intelligent SIM card.
A STK card can be used to send and receive GSM messages, and at the same time, it
enables applications for SIM card. Activated, these functions can be displayed in a
user-friendly way on your phone and allows you to conduct information retrieval or
transactions in a easy and convenient way.
STK provides a development environment, i.e. an easy to operate platform, for value added