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Smart English Input Mode; Basic English Input Mode; Number Input Mode; Handwriting Input - Haier M560C User Manual

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In edit state, press [#] key to select proper text input mode. This
cell phone provides Smart English capital/small letter, English
capital/small letter and Number input modes.
Default input mode after power-on is Smart English. If you have
changed input method in edit window, the setting will be saved
when you enter edit screen again as long as the cell phone has
not been powered off.
Press [*] to enter symbol selection mode.

4.5 Smart English input mode

In Smart English input mode, each letter needs to be pressed
once only. A key on the keyboard represents several letters.
When it is pressed, Smart English input mode will automatically
compare the word with words in language database and make a
correct choice.

4.6 Basic English input mode

In Basic English input mode, you may have to press a key on the
keyboard several times to enter a letter.
Pressing a key
continuously can select
represented by this key. Press once to enter the first letter and
press twice to enter the second letter.
Character list:
English letters
. , - ? ! ' @ : # $ / _ 1

4.7 Number input mode

Use keyboard to enter numbers.

4.8 Handwriting input

Allow input letters in the function of the use of mobile phones in writing
tips allow incidental use of a touch pen to write. At the bottom center of
the screen by touch the pen click to toggle input. ABC representatives
capital letter input method; abc representatives lowercase alphabet
input method; 123 representatives digital input method; fight on behalf
of Pinyin input method. Right key touch with pen or touch screen can
be removed remove the word wrong.

4.9 Quit from the menu

In commonly, you can press
right soft key to quit form the menu, and
you also can touch below right icon to quit from the currently state. You
can press End key to enter the IDLE interface.



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