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LG LF98105SS Owner's Manual page 9

Free standing gas cooker
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• no part of the hose is in contact with the hot walls (max. 50 °C);
• the hose is not under traction or tension and has no tight curves or
• the hose is not in contact with sharp objects or sharp corners;
• if the hose is not perfectly airtight and leaks gas, do not try and
repair it: replace it with a new hose;
• verify that the hose is not beyond its life cycle (serigraphed on the
hose itself).
Connection using rubber hoses complying with the current
regulations is only permitted if the hose can be inspected along
its entire length.
The tightening torque between connections that incorporate the
gasket must not exceed 10Nm.
2.3.2 Connection to natural gas
Make the connection to the gas mains using a rubber
hose whose specifications comply with the current
regulations (verify that the reference standard is
stamped on the hose).
Screw the hose connector A to the gas connector B of
the appliance, placing the seal C between them. Push
the rubber hose D onto the hose connector A and
secure it with the clamp E that is compliant with the
current standard.


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