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Extraordinary Maintenance - LG LF98105SS Owner's Manual

Free standing gas cooker
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12. Extraordinary maintenance

The oven may require extraordinary maintenance or replacement of
parts subject to wear such as seals, bulbs, and so on. The following
instructions describe how to carry out these minor maintenance
Before any intervention, disconnect the power supply of the
12.1 Replacement of light bulb
Remove cover A by twisting anticlockwise, replace bulb B with
another similar bulb (25 W).
Refit the cover A.
Only use oven bulbs (T 300°C).
12.2 Removing the door
Hold the door on both sides with both hands
near hinges A and raise levers B. Lift up the
door forming an angle of about 45° and
remove. To refit, slide the hinges A in the
grooves, drop the door and release levers B.
12.3 Oven door seal
To permit thorough cleaning of the oven, the seal may
be removed. Before removing the seal, take off the door
as described above. Once the door has been taken off,
lift the tabs at the corners as shown in the figure.
12.4 Lubrication of the taps and gas oven thermostat
In time the taps may be difficult to turn or may be blocked. Clean
them inside and replace the lubrication grease. This operation
should be carried out by a specialised technician.



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