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LG LF98105SS Owner's Manual page 23

Free standing gas cooker
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7.4 Use of the rotisserie
7.4.1 Using the rotisserie in cookers with maxi oven
Fit the supporting frame onto the
second runner up from the bottom so
that the seat to take the rod projects
outside the oven. Place the rod as
shown in the diagram (1) and push
the frame into the oven until the end
of the rod reaches the hole in the
rotisserie motor. Now push the
rotisserie rod to the left until it
reaches the position shown in the
diagram (2). To activate this function,
turn the switch to (
These operations must be carried out with the oven switched
off and cold.
When cooking is over, use the tool provided to extract the rod from
the hole (3) and remove the frame (4) to bring the rotisserie rod out
of the oven cavity.
How to use the grill
Once the grill is lit, the red warning light will come on. Leave the
oven to heat up for five minutes before placing the food inside.
Food should be flavoured and basted with oil or melted butter
before cooking. An oven dish should be used to contain the sauces.
The food should be placed on the oven shelf which is positioned on
one of the guides supplied with the different ovens, following the
instructions below:


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