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Adaptation To Different Types Of Gas - LG LF98105SS Owner's Manual

Free standing gas cooker
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3. Adaptation to different types of gas

Before performing any cleaning or maintenance work, detach the
appliance from the electrical socket.
The cooker hob is set for LPG G30/G31 at a pressure of 28-30/37
mbar for cookers with maxi oven In the case of functioning with
other types of gas the burner nozzles must be changed and the
minimum flame adjusted on the gas taps. To change the nozzles,
proceed as described below.
3.1 Replacement of nozzles on the hob
This operation requires no primary air regulation.
1. Extract the grids and remove all the caps and flame-spreader
2. unscrew the burner nozzles with a 7 mm socket wrench;
3. replace the nozzles according to the type of gas to be used and
the description in paragraph "3.2 Burner and nozzle
characteristics table".
4. Replace the burners in the correct position.


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