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Final Operations - LG LF98105SS Owner's Manual

Free standing gas cooker
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Instructions for the installer

4. Final operations

After replacing the nozzles, reposition the flame-spreader
crowns, the burner caps and the grids.
Following adjustment to a gas other than the preset one, replace the
gas adjustment label fixed to the appliance with the one corresponding
to the new gas. This label is in the packet together with the nozzles.
4.1 Regulation of the hob burner minimum level for natural gas
Light the burner and turn it to the minimum position
Extract the gas tap knob and turn the adjustment
screw at the side of the tap rod until the correct
minimum flame is achieved.
Replace the knob and check burner flame stability:
(rapidly turning knob from maximum to minimum position, the flame
should not go out). Repeat the operation on all the gas taps.
For models with valves, keep the knob at minimum level for about
1 minute to keep the flame lit and to activate the safety device.
4.2 Regulation of the hob burner minimum level for LPG
For regulating the minimum with LPG, the screw at the side of the
tap rod must be turned clockwise all the way.
Once the regulation has been completed, replace the seal on the
by-passes using paint or similar materials.
4.3 Regulation of the oven burner minimum level
The oven thermostat is equipped with a by-pass to regulate the
minimum level, which is visible underneath the thermostat knob.
When the gas type is changed, the by-pass should be regulated as
1. Turn on the oven burner to maximum for 10/15 minutes with the
door closed and without the floor. Turn the knob to the minimum
temperature, remove the knob and regulate using a flat screwdriver.


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