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Use Of The Hob - LG LF98105SS Owner's Manual

Free standing gas cooker
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Instructions for the user

6. Use of the hob

6.1 Lighting of the hob burners
Before lighting the hob burners check that the flame caps are in the
correct position and that their burner caps are in place, making sure
that the holes A in the flame caps correspond to the spark plugs
and thermocouples.
The optional grid B is for use with "woks" (Chinese pans).
To prevent deterioration of the hob we have equipped the cooker
with a raised pan stand C to be placed underneath pans more than
26 cm in diameter.
The supplied reduction rest C is used also for small pans.
The drawing next to each knob shows the
corresponding burner. The appliance has an
electronic lighting device. Simply press and turn the
knob anticlockwise to the minimum flame symbol ,
until the flame is lit. Hold the knob down for a few
seconds to allow the thermocouples to heat up. The
burner may go out when the knob is released: this is because the
thermocouple has not been sufficiently heated. Repeat the
operation holding down the knob a little longer. This operation is not
necessary for burners without thermocouples.
For models with thermocouples, should the burner accidentally
go out, a safety device will be activated which stops the gas
flow even if the tap is open.



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