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LG LF98105SS Owner's Manual page 15

Free standing gas cooker
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2. For LPG turn the by-pass screw clockwise as far as it will go.
3. For natural gas, regulate the by-pass so that turning the thermostat
knob from minimum to maximum the flame remains stable and
constant. Once the regulation has been completed, replace the
seal on the by-pass using paint or similar materials. Close the oven
door and make sure that the burner stays on minimum.
4.4 Positioning and levelling of the appliance (Depending on models)
Having carried out the electricity and gas hook-up, level the
appliance using the four adjustable legs. For best cooking the
appliance must be perfectly level.
Depending on the model you have purchased, the foot height
adjustment range may vary from 70 to 95 mm and from 110 to 160
mm. These heights refer to the distance between the highest point
of the foot (fixed part) and the lowest point (movable part which
rests on the floor).


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