LG LF98105SS Owner's Manual

Free standing gas cooker
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Please read this manual carefully before operating
your set and retain it for future reference.
P/No.: MFL62060310



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  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL FREE STANDING GAS COOKER Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. LF98105SS LF98100SS LF98110SS LF98110AS www.lg.com P/No.: MFL62060310...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction ................. 3 1. Instructions for safe and proper use ........3 Instructions for the installer ............6 2. Installation of the appliance ............6 3. Adaptation to different types of gas ........11 4. Final operations ..............14 Instructions for the user ............16 5.
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Introduction 1. Instructions for safe and proper use This manual is an integral part of the appliance and therefore must be kept in its entirety and in an accessible place for the whole working life of the cooker. We advise reading this manual and all the instructions therein before using the cooker.
  • Page 4 Introduction DO NOT MODIFY THIS APPLIANCE When not in use, make sure that the control knobs are in the correct (OFF) position . Never put inflammable objects in the oven: They could be accidentally catch fire and burn. The I.D plate with technical date, serial number and brand name is positioned visibly in the storage compartment.
  • Page 5 Do not apply decorative panels to the lower part of the cooker as they may prevent correct air circulation and cause overheating. Before the appliance is put into operation, all the labels and protective films applied inside or outside must be removed. Lower the glass cover slowly and by hand.
  • Page 6: Instructions For The Installer

    Instructions for the installer 2. Installation of the appliance The appliance must be installed by a qualified technician and according to the regulations in force. This appliance may be installed next to a wall which is higher than the appliance, with a minimum distance of 50 mm from the side of the appliance, as shown in drawings A and B showing the correct installation conditions.
  • Page 7 2.1 Electrical connection Make sure that the power line voltage matches the specifications indicated on the rating plate located inside the storage compartment. This rating plate must never be removed. If the appliance is hooked-up to the supply by means of a fixed connection, install a multipolar cut-out device on the line, with contact opening distance equal to or greater than 3 mm, located near the appliance and in an easily reachable position.
  • Page 8 Instructions for the installer 2.2 Ventilation requirements 2.2.1 Room ventilation The room containing the appliance should have an air supply in accordance with the standards in force. The room where the appliance is installed must have enough air flow as required for the regular combustion of gas and by the necessary air exchange of the same room.
  • Page 9 • no part of the hose is in contact with the hot walls (max. 50 °C); • the hose is not under traction or tension and has no tight curves or twists; • the hose is not in contact with sharp objects or sharp corners; •...
  • Page 10 Instructions for the installer 2.3.3 Connection to liquid gas Use a standards-compliant pressure regulator and carry out the connection to the gas cylinder in accordance with the regulations in force. Make sure that the supply pressure complies with the values indicated in the paragraph “3.2/3.3 Burner and nozzle characteristics table”.
  • Page 11: Adaptation To Different Types Of Gas

    3. Adaptation to different types of gas Before performing any cleaning or maintenance work, detach the appliance from the electrical socket. The cooker hob is set for LPG G30/G31 at a pressure of 28-30/37 mbar for cookers with maxi oven In the case of functioning with other types of gas the burner nozzles must be changed and the minimum flame adjusted on the gas taps.
  • Page 12 Instructions for the installer 3.2 Burner and nozzle characteristics table Rated heating Burner LPG – G30/G31 28-30/37 mbar capacity (kW) Nozzle Reduced Flowrate Flowrate diameter flowrate g/h G30 g/h G31 1/100 mm Auxiliary Semi-rapid 1.75 Rapid Triple crown 1500 Maxi oven 1200 Grand grill Rated heating...
  • Page 13 3.3 Arrangement of the burners on the hob BURNERS 1. Auxiliary 2. Semi rapid 3. Rapid 4. Triple crown 3.4 Adjustment of the oven burner To adjust the oven burners follow the procedure described below from inside the oven: • Open the oven door; •...
  • Page 14: Final Operations

    Instructions for the installer 4. Final operations After replacing the nozzles, reposition the flame-spreader crowns, the burner caps and the grids. Following adjustment to a gas other than the preset one, replace the gas adjustment label fixed to the appliance with the one corresponding to the new gas.
  • Page 15 2. For LPG turn the by-pass screw clockwise as far as it will go. 3. For natural gas, regulate the by-pass so that turning the thermostat knob from minimum to maximum the flame remains stable and constant. Once the regulation has been completed, replace the seal on the by-pass using paint or similar materials.
  • Page 16: Instructions For The User

    Instructions for the user 5. Description of controls 5.1 Front control panel All the cooker controls and commands are on the front panel. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS central burner Front right burner Gas oven thermostat Back right burner knob Oven light / Rotisserie / Back lefte burner Grill switch Oven light switch...
  • Page 17 OVEN LIGHT / ROTISSERIE / GRILL SELECTOR KNOB This knob allows the user to activate the Grill / Rotisserie function or to switch on the light inside the oven to check the point reached in cooking the food. CAUTION: IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO OPERATE THE GAS OVEN AND THE GRILL / ROTISSERIE SIMULTANEOUSLY.
  • Page 18: Use Of The Hob

    Instructions for the user 6. Use of the hob 6.1 Lighting of the hob burners Before lighting the hob burners check that the flame caps are in the correct position and that their burner caps are in place, making sure that the holes A in the flame caps correspond to the spark plugs and thermocouples.
  • Page 19 6.2 Practical advice for using the hob burners For better use of the burners and lower gas consumption, use covered vessel that are proportional in size to the burner to prevent the flame from heating the sides (see paragraph “6.3 Diameter of the vessels to be used on each burner”).
  • Page 20: Use Of The Oven

    Instructions for the user 7. Use of the oven 7.1 Warnings and general advice Using the oven and the grill for the first time, heat them to the maximum temperature for as long as it takes to burn off any production oil residues which could give a nasty flavour to the food.
  • Page 21 7.2 Use of the gas oven 7.2.1 Electronic spark lighting Open the oven door completely, press the thermostat knob and turn it clockwise to max. temperature. The electronic spark lighting device will be enabled automatically. Once the oven is lit, 200 225 250 hold the knob down for a few seconds to allow the thermocouple to heat up.
  • Page 22 Instructions for the user 7.3 Use of the gas grill 7.3.1 Manual lighting of the gas grill burner Having opened the oven door, press the knob and turn it clockwise to the grill position, placing a lit match to the burner on the roof of the oven.
  • Page 23 7.4 Use of the rotisserie 7.4.1 Using the rotisserie in cookers with maxi oven Fit the supporting frame onto the second runner up from the bottom so that the seat to take the rod projects outside the oven. Place the rod as shown in the diagram (1) and push the frame into the oven until the end of the rod reaches the hole in the...
  • Page 24 Instructions for the user FOOD GRILLE ON THE SHELF Flat or thin meat Rolled roast joints 2 – 3 Poultry 2 – 3 • Cooking procedures in this mode must never last more than 60 minutes. • In models with gas oven, the door must be half-open on the first catch during grilling and grill-rotisserie cooking.
  • Page 25: Digital Timer (Certain Models Only)

    8. Digital timer (certain models only) This component allows an on-off beeper to be set to indicate the end of the cooking time. It is therefore just a timer, with no programming functions. LIST OF FUNCTIONS TIME-SETTING BUTTON VALUE DECREASE BUTTON VALUE INCREASE BUTTON 8.1 Setting the time When the oven is used for the first time, or after a power blackout,...
  • Page 26: Analogue Clock (Only On Equipped Models)

    Instructions for the user 8.3 Deactivating the acoustic device The acoustic device stops sounding automatically after seven minutes. It can be deactivated in manual mode by pressing the key. 8.4 Adjusting the volume of the acoustic device The volume can be adjusted (3 settings) while it is in operation by pressing the key.
  • Page 27: Available Accessories

    10. Available accessories The oven has 4 support for positioning plates and racks at various heights. Oven grill: for cooking food on plates, small cakes, roasts or food requiring light grilling. Plate grill: for placing above plate for cooking foods that might drip. Oven plate: useful for catching fat from foods on the grill above.
  • Page 28: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Instructions for the user 11. Cleaning and maintenance 11.1 Cleaning stainless steel and enamelled versions To maintain stainless steel in good condition clean it regularly after each use, once it has cooled down. 11.1.1 Ordinary daily cleaning To clean and preserve the stainless steel surfaces, always use only specific products that do not contain abrasives or chlorine-based acids.
  • Page 29 11.2.2 Grids Remove the grids and clean them in warm water with a non- abrasive detergent, taking care to remove any incrustations. Replace them on the cooking hob. Continuous contact of the grids with the flame can cause the paint near the hot areas to be altered.
  • Page 30 Instructions for the user 11.3 Cleaning of oven For best oven upkeep clean regularly after having allowed to cool. Take out all removable parts. • Clean the oven grill with hot water and non-abrasive detergent. Rinse and dry. • Do not allow residues of sugary foods (such as jam) to set inside the oven.
  • Page 31: Extraordinary Maintenance

    12. Extraordinary maintenance The oven may require extraordinary maintenance or replacement of parts subject to wear such as seals, bulbs, and so on. The following instructions describe how to carry out these minor maintenance operations. Before any intervention, disconnect the power supply of the device.

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