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Use Of The Oven - LG LF98105SS Owner's Manual

Free standing gas cooker
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Instructions for the user

7. Use of the oven

7.1 Warnings and general advice
Using the oven and the grill for the first time, heat them to the
maximum temperature for as long as it takes to burn off any
production oil residues which could give a nasty flavour to the food.
After a power cut, the oven display will flash intermittently and show
. To adjust refer to paragraph "8 ELECTRONIC
During cooking, do not cover the bottom of the oven with aluminium or
tin foil and do not place pans or oven trays on it as this may damage
the enamel coating. If you wish to use greaseproof paper, place it so
that it will not interfere with the hot air circulation inside the oven.
The oven accessories which may come into contact with food are
made from materials which conform to the standing directives.
WARNING: the gas oven is lit with the door open.
The oven is equipped with a safety system which
stops the burners being lit when the door is
closed. If this is done wrongly, open the door and
wait for a few moments before lighting once more.
To prevent any steam in the oven creating problems, open the door
in two stages: half open (5 cm approx.) for 4-5 seconds and then
fully open. To access food, always leave the door open as short a
time as possible to prevent the temperature in the oven from falling
and ruining the food.



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