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LG LF98105SS Owner's Manual page 29

Free standing gas cooker
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11.2.2 Grids
Remove the grids and clean them in warm water with a non-
abrasive detergent, taking care to remove any incrustations.
Replace them on the cooking hob.
Continuous contact of the grids with the flame can cause the paint
near the hot areas to be altered. This is completely natural and
does not compromise the functionality of the component.
11.2.3 Burner caps and flame cap crowns
The caps and flame-spreader crowns are
extractable to facilitate cleaning. Wash them in hot
water with non-abrasive detergent, taking care to
remove any encrustations, and wait until they are
perfectly dry.
WARNING: do not wash these components in the
Replace the flame-spreader crowns, checking that they are
positioned in their housing with their respective caps, taking care
that flame-spreader holes A correspond to the spark plugs and the
11.2.4 The spark plugs and thermocouples
To function properly the spark plugs and thermocouples
must always be clean (on the models which are
equipped with them). Check them regularly and clean
with a damp cloth if necessary. Any dry residues can be
removed with a toothpick or a needle.
11.2.5 The burners
The burners can be left to soak in hot water and detergent.


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